Should AK have played?!
Was This A Douche Move By AK?
By Kickntrue on 1/21/11
Anthony Kim was grew up near this week's PGA Tour stop in La Qunita, California, yet isn't in the field. Of course- that didn't stop him from hanging out in the beer garden.

From Stephanie Wei:
*Spotted at the Beer Garden: Anthony Kim, who grew up in La Quinta but isn’t in the field this week, having some drinks and shots with his entourage and two blondes. Standard. AK was wearing his red hat backwards to the side, with a matching argyle sweater. He left around 11pm. Early!
One of her commentors raises a good point about the douchiness of this move (my words). A PGA Tour pro is an independent contractor and can choose to play or not play in any event they are eligible, but how do you not play in an event in your background WHEN YOU'RE THERE?! It's not like he was on vacation or dealing with other obligations- he just isn't playing?! The Tour really could've used his star power in this event- and it just seems to be like a real classless move to show up at the event to drink and party but not bother playing.

The link is worth a click for another reason too. I won't spoil the story but Stephanie tells a great story about Brian Davis and an awkward moment he pulled off with a playing partner's caddie. Put Brian Davis on the list of pros to like!

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Birdwell49 says:
That's a good one by Davis... Very Douchy of AK. He seemed to "get it" a couple of years ago but has definitely regressed. I'd be shocked to see him win this year if this is his new strategy.
AbsoluteZero says:
AK is a DB, but not just for this. Kid has a LOT of growing up to do. Sadly he thinks he's Vincent Chase from Entourage, but he isn't. While he has every right to do whatever he wants, we as fans don't have to support him, and I for one will not. AK, you are a Douchebag!
birdieXris says:
Yea he is indeed a Douche, however he's young and he'll grow out of it. This was still high on the tree of douchebaggery though.
MAQ says:
This is lame! So he is in the area didn't enter the tournament, but decided to drop by and have a drink with friends, big deal! What ever his reasons for not playing so be it this is america. Hardly falls into douchebag territory. If the event or tour is suffering I hardly believe it is due to AK not playing after all it is not like he has the star power of Tiger or Phil.
Kickntrue says:
@MAQ- I really think it has to do with being in your hometown and not supporting the event. Sure- he doesn't have Phil or Tiger power- but in his home town it elevates him to just under that, at least for the weekend. I look at this more as a long term thing. Eventually AK will be 40. Eventually, he may have a bad year and really need a sponsor's exemption. Wouldn't you at least like to be able to count on your home event hooking you up?
Banker85 says:
i dont think that makes him a douche. the belt buckles make him a douche.
aaronm04 says:
I'm with Banker85. That and that he went to OU and has an entourage.
homermania says:
Lifetime ban.
Kurt the Knife says:
3 month suspension.

Local camera footage looks like one of them girls he was with is a tranny. I tried to tell the officials but I couldn't get thru.
Hope he figures it out before he "signs his card"... so to speak.
SniderS says:
Since when did it become cool to use the word douche so much in our society, let alone call someone a douche? It ranks right up there with "that's sick!" Do you even know what a douche is? Come on guys, grow up a bit.
Kurt the Knife says:
Agreed. Don't know when this douchebag thing became popular. refuse to use it misself. It doesn't mean what folks think it means.

I suggest we adopt term "scoundrel" or "ne'er do well", by jove.
legitimatebeef says:
Success has gone to his head.
svj says:
banker85, i must agree.... but who cares, maybe he just wanted to get drunk that week and not golf or because he played bad last week, so he got to drink to deal with it... if i was him, i would just old john daly it and do both at same time and people will love you for it...
Bryan K says:
The term "douche" or "douchebag" being used as a degratory term has been around since at least the '80's.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I find that offensive!
elhacker says:
Then there is the step up or down to D.B. "D" Nozzle. Funny, and I snicker but try not to curse out any more.

Once you have kids and let a D.B. or M.F. or two fly it's time to mend the ways. One of my three year olds(I have more than one) picked it up after a short drive one fine afternoon. Her mother was pissed.

So, if I were to use a more polite term for Anthony Kim it would be Jack Ass.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
Wow, full of troll haters here. AK is a talented golfer, has a good head on his shoulders, yea he parties sometimes but who doesn't in their 20's. This isn't a "douche move" he can play what ever tournaments he wants. Can pro golfers not be fans as well and just hang out? AK is going to dominate this year... mark my words
Banker85 says:
Dont know about dominate. He might win once or mayybbbeee twice. Ya he is young talented, natural swing, fun guy. I dont care if he wanted to hang out with family and friends in the area for the weekend instead of being all caught up in a tournament. i admire his care free do what he wants attitude.
Niramas says:
Sounds to me like the writer is just a jealous-hater...
goinggoinggone says:
Why does AK have to play an event in his backyard? He might not like the venue... who cares?
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