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Camilo Plays Burner 2.0 Irons
By Kickntrue on 1/25/11
Golf.com has their weekly picture gallery of the clubs the pros are playing. Camilo Villegas' bag caught my eye. His bag is full of TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons. Now sure- the Burner 2.0's are TaylorMade's latest and greatest offering but they're widely considered game improvement irons- not something a "player" would use. I mean... maybe at a 3i or 4i but the picture clearly shows a Burner 2.0 pitching wedge in the bag- with the full cavity back. This is really surprising to me.

This is Villegas first year with TaylorMade- after switching from Cobra so I'm sure he's had full access to everything they make and offer and he chose the Burner 2.0's as his favorite. I mean, he wouldn't possibly jeopardize his actual play to use something to enhance TaylorMade's marketing efforts, right (I'm actually not being sarcastic here)? If someone offered me $1M to play one set of clubs and $2M to play another- I'd have to try to figure out how much it mattered, but you'd think as much money as they're dealing with they'd pick the one best for their golf game and success. Of course- I'm just speculating here, but logic tells me he'd think the same way as me (unless there truly was money offered and the gap was HUGE) so I'm going to have to guess he likes the Burner 2.0s the best, which ironically for all the marketing hype around them, is probably the best endorsement they've ever received.

Camilo's Bag (and others)

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cpjolicoeur says:
Kenny Perry is playing the Burner 2.0's too. Not sure if this is a ringing endorsement for the Burners or a brutal review for TaylorMades latest forged "player" irons???
JTW1 says:
That is truly shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brian575 says:
I read the article interviewing Camilo about the irons and he talks about adding bounce to the irons and decreasing the amount of offset. Also he had them made in chrome instead of black like the regular Burners. That leads me to believe that he is being pushed to use the set. His contract probably reads that he can choose any set he likes but if he chooses the Burners he gets an extra 1M or something like that.
TeT says:
I would say endorsement.... I could see them going with an "improvement iron" if they could still maintain shot control. If its shafted right and you can make it dance "enough", what more do they need. ie.. could not see Bubba going with anything other than a blade with how he demands shot shaping ability
chief_broom says:
In the latest "Golf Week" in one of their latest equipment seen on tour blurbs they talk to CV and he was saying how much he like his new irons, he liked the new Superfast fairway woods, but he said he still needed to work on the new SF driver. I was a little surprised by that. For him to basically bag on one of TM's flagship items has to hurt. I suppose those when you can have the company fully customize something to suit you it doesn't matter as much as one of us buying something off the shelf.
legitimatebeef says:
Quite the dilemma. Play the shovels and slip down the money list, or do it the old fashioned way, play the equipment you like best and hope to earn more prize money.
Banker85 says:
I remember when he played Cobras and he had used cavity back irons too. maybe he just prefers them... like some of you said with all the spec changes and total customization with the burner 2.0 he can have them exactly how he likes them. but i am sure some marketing and endorsment contracts had something to do with it.
klangdon says:
A lot of tour players are using 3-4 iron cavity backs these days. But pitching wedge is just insane. How could he want to give up anything for forgiveness at that distance?
Tee it High. says:
After all the customizations and alterations Camillo had done to these irons the might still say Burner 2.0 but they are not anything like the ones at your local pro shop.
Panerai111 says:
That is crazy. They must be pretty good if he is playing them.
mmontisano says:
i'm going with Tee it High. it's just like the R9 TPs. those have an offset, BUT tour pros can get the R9 TP Bs, with NO offset and a slightly shorter blade length. and those aren't available to the public. TM is notorious for this.

but i'll also agree that he's probably getting more money to play these clubs. just look at Sergio. for the right price, he'll bag anything.
carv712 says:
Its the same thing in tennis - Tennis pros get endorsement deals for playing the newwest Wilson or Prince offering but more times than not the racket is the same one they've played since college and the only thing different is the paint job. I wouldn't be suprised to hear that these "Burner 2.0's" weren't more like his Cobra Irons from last year than their namesake.
manny.101 says:
Although strange to see a player such a Camillo go from blades to cavity back irons if it is what feels the best to him why not. Better use something that feels comfortable than be given clubs that may look great but feel horrible.
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