Woods And Rocco Paired At Torrey
By Kickntrue on 1/26/11
Last time Tiger played a round at Torrey Pines it was with Rocco Mediate. The next time he plays (tomorrow) he'll be with Rocco again. Sometimes tournament directors are too cute for their own good.
The two will be paired together again this week for the first two rounds of the Farmers Insurance Open, a place where Woods has won five consecutive pro tournaments.


Woods, who will make his 2011 PGA Tour debut, knows Torrey Pines as well as anybody, excelling in junior events on the ocean-flanked South and North Courses as a teenager. That's why he's not arriving in San Diego until Tuesday night and his lone practice round will be in the pro-am on Wednesday.
Here is an interesting note about the Pro-Am. Tiger has always liked to be the first person off in the morning but picking your pro-am time is a privilege of where you finish on the money list the previous year. Tiger finished 68th last year- which means he's going to have a lot of mid-day and afternoon starts- something he's not real happy about.

Isn't it amazing how with Tiger we still can just fly by certain details because of who he is or at least at some point was. The dude has WON 5 CONSECUTIVE PRO EVENTS at Torrey Pines. That is just ridiculous. Assuming his swing changes are further along than last time we saw Tiger (when he almost won), I don't know how you pick against him this week.

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homermania says:
Interesting tidbit about the Pro-Am start times.
tcjonny says:
so, its fairly amazing to me even still that last year tiger managed to make more money playing golf than every single other person on this planet, other than 67 people. He barely played.
Matt F says:
JD -5 first round. I just hope he doesn't blow up this time.
Matt F says:
I'll stop mentioning players from now on...except when I want them to blow up!!
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