PGA Show, Thursday Recap
By mustang6560 on 1/27/11
The PGA Merchandise Show truly is the mecca of everything golf. If you have the money and the time (and you love golf), I would say attending the PGA Merchandise Show should be something you do once in your life.

Since this is my first (of hopefully many) Shows, I spent the first part of the morning trying to get adjusted to the energy of the expo. The hugeness of the Orange County Convention Center CANNOT be described with words. You will have to attend an expo to have an understanding. It has 7 million square feet of total space, with multiple concourses (read about it).

I had a series of meetings arranged with several companies this morning setup by Johnathan Williamson from Buffalo Communications. It was really cool because the companies I met this morning were not the Titleist's of the world. They were small to medium sized companies, which allowed me to talk with the real experts. For example, at Boccieri Golf, I spoke with the President/CEO, Stephen Boccieri. BG is the maker of the Heavy Putter and they were debuing their new full set, which includes irons, fairway woods and driver. And I got to talk to the man behind the reverse weighting. Had I not been able to get some insight into the reasoning behind it, I might have just walked right on by his booth. We should be getting the new set to demo later this spring so stay tuned for a proper review. I will say this, the driver actually felt really good. It would take time to adjust to the heavy grip but it's possible. Thing is though, you would just buy a wedge or a driver, you would probably want/need to buy the whole set so all of your clubs are similar.

I do think the expo probably meant more before the advent of the Internet because there was no "viral" medium to promote a product. So the only way to see the new stuff was to be at the show. But now products are announced before the show (i.e. R11) and they are on display at the Show. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the first people have had the privlidge to hit the R11, but I didn't break any story with it.

I could go on and on sharing my experience, but I'll just try to sum it up with these highlights:
Strangest product: Hand warming gloves - I know it could make sense, but until I actually got to try this out on a cold day, no thanks. I never play golf on a day that is SO cold that I think I would actually benefit from having hand warming gloves.

Coolest moment: Bubba Watson tweeted me! - I don't know how, but Bubba Watson saw my pictures and tweeted at me. I think I have a man-crush!

Coolest game: Sholf - it's a combination of shuffle board and golf. I could totally imagine playing against my brother at a tailgate or against friends in my house.

Best booth: Puma/Cobra - they had an after hours cocktail party...enough said. It's true, we couldn't get it, but it looked like fun from the outside.

Biggest disappointment: Not meeting Carling Coffing - I chickened out. I missed the moment to catch her in between conversations at the Sunice booth. I should have just butted in to get a picture, but I wussed-out!

Coolest product: Boccieri Golf Heavy Driver - At first, when you hear about reverse weighting, it sounds lame. But when you understand why, it makes sense. I only got to demo the Heavy Putter (which was awesome), but I hope to get to try out the driver tomorrow or when we get the set to review. The driver felt good in my hand. The idea is that the heavier club will promote proper body mechanics to help keep your swing tempo in time.

Goofiest product: Advisor GPS - this is a voice activated GPS device. Not sure if I would trust this for yardage info.

Best celebrity sighting: Natalie Gulbis - I honestly was expecting her to not be that hot. But man, she was a good-looker! Andrew was supposed to help me get a picture with her, but he didn't come through in the clutch!

Hottest model: Nuun (whatever) - I think it's crazy that companies hire models to walk around looking sexy to promote their product. Supply and demand I guess. But the models hired by Nuun were hot!
Tomorrow, we will try and focus on the new clubs and new gadgets, plus hotties! Also, we'll try to respond to questions better. We don't always see the quotes right away but keep the comments coming! Below are some images that highlight the day.

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Clint24 says:
Looks like Day 1 was pretty good. Hopefully Day 2 will be pretty excited as well. Who all is suppossed to making appearences?

Hope to meet you guys this year as I missed out last year. I will be wearing a white Under Armour Auburn shirt with my Auburn SEC Championship hat. Hope to see you tomorrow! War Eagle.
bkuehn1952 says:
To borrow a phrase from the grandkids, you guys rock! It was almost like being there yesterday (other than I didn't have to pay $12 for a piece of pizza OR get to stand between two models).
mustang6560 says:
I'm hoping to see Paula Creamer, Sara Brown from the Big Break and Ryan Moore. David Leasbetter and Nany Lopez will be there this morning but we won't see them. We have an appointment with Hot Stix Golf at Orange County National.
billbadaz says:
don't forget to say what up to Graeme! he should be there now
homermania says:
Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. I'd also like to add that I love Oob in general because you guys aren't afraid to talk about "hot chicks". Not exactly professional, but that's what I love about this little community. Keep it up!
lcgolfer64 says:
Btw - if anyone has ever been to that convention center knows that he is not underestimating the size of that place - you could easily set up a nice par 3 course inside of it - it is Hhhuuugggee!
srogers13 says:
I used to live in Orlando and miss it. I have worked trade shows there before and after they expanded it, and it was huge before, but now. If you ever go there for anything, wear VERY comfortable shoes, because you will be doing a lot of walking. I do need to make it there for the PGA show one year.
Banker85 says:
CARLING IS going to be at the golf expo coming up herein chicago i will show you how its done you lil chump! LOL guaranteed!
Birdwell49 says:
Been a member barely a month and you continue to make this my FAVORITE golf website.... I'm tellin' all my buddies about it...keep up the awesome "work"! ;)
Clint24 says:
The OCCC is definatly huge. There's a reason that the show is four days.
lcgolfer64 says:

Then make it your profile pic so Mustang has to see all the time! haha
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