PGA Show, Friday Recap
By mustang6560 on 1/28/11
Day 2 at the PGA Merchandise Show started off with a bang! I had the opportunity to go through a fitting for my driver thanks to Hot Stix Golf (I'll write a full report and post that next week). Andrew and I drove out to Orange County Country Club - the same place Demo Day was at. Fun fact about Orange County GC is that it's where Sean Foley gives his lessons because the driving range facilities are amazing.

The process was really cool and I learned a lot. But it's expensive (about $200 for an hour or so) but totally worth it. I found out that the current stock shaft on my Callaway X460 is not designed for me. The basic structure Chris took the specs from my current driver, then had me hit about 15 balls while he recorded some data (swing speed, spin rate, smash factor, etc) and then he had me hit different things (like I said, more about that later).

Once we finally got to the show (after Andrew made us stop for McD's), we went straight to try and find Paula Creamer. It was cool to see Paula, but she is more of Andrew's crush (see original post). The Bridgestone booth was located near SkyCaddie. Bridgestone had a live twitter board so Andrew and my posts about Paula were displayed so everyone could see (legit!).

After Paula, Andrew and I split up. I headed to the equipment section and found myself lost in the middle of some cool (and not so cool) training aids. Personally, I dig training aids because I want to improve as a golfer and I'm looking at something to help. Some are bogus but some are legit. I really enjoy the training aids that help to promote muscle memory like the Pivot Pro. Would I buy it? Eh... One thing's for sure, I would never purchase the Flatball coin. It looks like an oversized coin you place on a hitting surface. The purpose to is to help promote topping the ball. If your swing is too thin, you'll miss the coin. The problem is, there is no true way to know the difference of hitting it just flush versus hitting it just behind it. Both shots will send the aid into the wall. The only saving grace (and it's small) is you can use it at home.

In the afternoon, Andrew and I had a few appointments lined up with Tracy Nackle. We went by RoboPutt, Fourteen Golf, Sklz, STX Golf and Trion Z. RobotPutt is a grand new company and the idea behind it is they want to be the first vending machine golf putting training aid. A person would need to help you get started, but once your swing characteristics and putter characteristics get logged, the RoboPutt machine will teach you itself. Basically, you hold on to your putter, but the RoboPutt moves your putter to develop proper muscle memory. Trion Z was also cool because they are promoting a product that is supposed to help regenerate you with negative ions. I'm going to wear it for the next week and then take it off to see if I notice a difference. As of now, I'll need some convincing.

As like yesterday, I could go on forever, but I'll cap off this post with the highlights:
Most unique piece of equipment: Raabittini Golf maple putter - This company was brand new. This was their first show and you could tell. They didn't provide me with good answers to my questions, but the product was interesting. Who makes a wooden putter? I asked them what separates their putter and their response was "Well, if a wooden putter was good for Ben Hogan, it's good for me". What does that mean? Clearly they need to work on their marketing/sales gimmick.

Coolest thing I did: Driver Fitting - Being able to experience a proper fitting was awesome. Pro golfers are much better than amateurs, but it does help they are playing the right equipment for their swing AND they play the best courses in the world (not Jimbo's goat ranch).

Hottest model of the day: SA Swing - Granted, I didn't see as many models today, the model for SA Swing was clearly the best. Plus, she actually did her job and promoted the product. The other models were nice to look at but clearly a waste of money. I'm not sure how much publicity they actually got for the booth. Easy on the eyes, but heavy on the pocket books for these companies.

Item I want for my house: Equipment Forum Hitting Area - I can't begin to describe how awesome the hitting area was in the back part of the expo. It was probably one and a half football fields wide. I would need to get a bigger house though!

Best celebrity sighting: Paula Creamer - Paula only wins because I didn't see anyone else. Actually, I saw Blair O'Neal again (Big Break girl) but she's hardly a celebrity. I missed Sara Brown (Big Break girl) and Ryan Moore this morning because of the fitting.
All in all, the PGA Show was everything I expected and more. I hope to get the opportunity to do this again next year! Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

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Clint24 says:
Today was so much fun. I'm mad again that I didn't get to meet you guys this year. Next year for sure.

For me, the most surprising thing was Taylormade. I can't believe they had the time, and money, to set up in a full wing of the OCCC. I did wait in line for about 30 minutes to get a chance to hit the R11, but they 'ran out of balls.' Seriously? It takes 15 minutes to pick that?

Oh well. I'll hit it at one of our demo days this summer. Did you guys get to see Boo's set?
chief_broom says:
Regarding the "Flatball" coin. A drill I was taught to use indoors was to take two quarters and lay them side by side with an inch or less between them. Then try to hit the front coin while leaving the one behind it untouched. That way you know when you hit behind the coin you're supposed to hit. Only costs fifty cents too!
bkuehn1952 says:
@mustang6560: well written wrapup. I look forward to your description of the fitting session and what you learned. I also concur with your pick of the SA Swing Girl.
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