E.J. Tackett Is The Man!
By Kickntrue on 1/31/11
High school senior EJ Tackett will kick your butt indoors or out- your choice.
A plus-2 handicap golfer, Tackett earned a spot on Team USA after finishing third at the bowling trials in early January in suburban Las Vegas.

Last August, Tackett was one of 156 golfers in the country to qualify for the Junior PGA Golf Tournament at Sycamore Hills. Tackett has signed to play golf at IPFW in the fall.

With the ability to play both sports better than good, Tackett says his true love is golf. Despite growing up around the bowling alley (his parents own two), Tackett believes he has more opportunity to pursue a career in golf.
Golf and bowling are both funny in that they're sports you can convince yourself that if you really tried- really put in the time- you could become good at. While it's true to some extent- if you think you could turn yourself into a pro at either, you're just lying to yourself. You know, unless you're EJ Tackett and you already kick butt at both!

While playing golf is maybe a better way to get a college scholarship- I'm not sure I agree with him on career opportunities. Sure- there are MORE of them, but it seems like more people are trying to achieve being a pro golfer than a pro bowler. The article says he's won the Indiana State Championship in bowling but I'm guessing a +2 handicap doesn't make him the best young golfer in the state. See where I'm going with this?! He needs to stick to bowling and work on becoming the next Pete Weber Jr. (I may have just made that name up but it sounds right).

No matter what he chooses or how he eventually does at it- I think we can all agree on one thing- EJ Hackett is the man... and a freaking punk! All he needs is to add pool shark to his resume and he can become the ultimate local hustler.

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Tackett excels at both bowling and golf: wane.com

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tcjonny says:
this is your answer:

Kickntrue says:
@tcjonny- fair enough!
munk24 says:
Maybe golf and bowling go together, according to this Pete Weber is a near scratch golfer www.pba.com/Bowlers/Bowler/9630
brianshaffer32 says:
Walter Ray Williams is also a 3 handicap... def a connection
mjaber says:
Maybe someone needs to come up with a golf/bowling hybrid where you bowl a frame while you are waiting for the group in front of you.
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