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The LPGA Loses Mexico Event
By Kickntrue on 2/1/11
The LPGA had to cancel an event in Mexico scheduled for later this year due to "drug violence in the area." I think this paragraph sums up the LPGA season at this point:
The LPGA has struggled over the last few years to maintain eyeballs and sponsorships, and that league has been hurt by the retirements of stars Annika Sorrenstam and Lorena Ochoa. Their No. 1-ranked player is Korean, and the ladies even have one tour stop without prize money. So basically nobody’s getting paid and nobody is recognizable?
Strong words- but true. The LPGA now has just 1 scheduled event in the month of April.

Unfortunately, I don't have many ideas for the LPGA. If there were obvious solutions- I'm sure people would be on them. I can sit here and write all about how great these ladies are and how watching professional women's golf is great because it's much closer to a game amateurs play and it should give us hope, etc., but it's all just lip service. Would I ever pay to go to an LPGA event? Probably not. At least not if it wasn't in my backyard and I had nothing else going on. Would I watch it on TV? Maybe a major, MAYBE, if there was nothing else going on, and probably then just for the last few holes.

There is just too much other stuff going on to care. Be honest- short of these ladies completely selling out and playing in bikinis or something- would you watch? I'd love to hear what would make you tune in.

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mjaber says:
I still think a co-sanctioned PGA/LPGA event would be a great idea. Maybe one of the "alternate" tournaments during a major of WGC event to start. Whether making it a team event where the men and women are paired and they receive an aggregate score, or just have 4somes of 2 men and 2 women... or both.
mclayton1970 says:
I went to Volenteer at the Last LPGA event in Orlando last year ..I wanted my Daughter too see it up close ..In order to " Volenteer" I had to pay $55 to work. For $55 I could have gotten two tickets for a day ... My Hope is for someone to come back and Run it like it should be Run .. My dream is too see my Daughter play on it one day ..
KVSmith59 says:
I like watching them play. Mjaber's idea would be awesome to see.
Banker85 says:
ya looks like bikinis are their last resort.
legitimatebeef says:
They've lost viewers, sponsors and two top players in the last few years...and as if things weren't bad enough, their #1 player is Korean. God, it's so unfair!

I'm gonna let the racist and xenophobic undertones of that remark pass, and just say that this is why we are falling behind in the world. We resort to crying and whining. Meanwhile nothing gets done and other countries are passing us by. Golf is just a microcosm and the ladies game in particular is a reflection of our stagnation. The US is the best golf nation in the world and by rights we ought to excel on the world stage however our ladies are being dominated, in large part by a tiny Asian country with a sixth of our population and an even tinier fraction of our golf resources.

LPGA golf is a niche sport, when can we finally accept that and stop trying to play armchair-tv-exec. That said, those mexicans need to get their shit together already.
shorne says:
After living in Japan I am able to enjoy LPGA. Over there the JLPGA and JGTO(Japan PGA) have almost equal prize money and star power. I guess it helps that Japan markets golf to both women and men.

Once you get to know the players and their stories its not much different than the PGA. You still get runs of birdies, eagles, hole-outs and good interviews.
Kickntrue says:
@legitimatebeef- you're on fire today! thanks for participating. i should have noted the "racist undertones" and the fact that they were meant to be sarcastic by the author of the site that wrote them. to the rest of your points- i generally agree, though weren't you the one yesterday begging off politics on this site? :)
bkuehn1952 says:
I have been to an LPGA event, Futures tour event and a USGA Women's Amateur. They all were a pretty good time although I must say the USGA Amateur was the best (no ropes and no entry fee). If another event came to town (or reasonably close), I would consider attending again and would recommend it to others.
Banker85 says:
@Kickntrue: Ya he is! love the line about the mexicans and yes they do need to get there shit together. lol not a racist just thought that was hilarious
tnj says:
Follow through on the proposal to run LPGA events Monday - Thursday when nothing else (from a golf perspective) is on. What would I rather watch, actual golf, or Hank Haney / pipe dream reruns? Actual golf. Even if it's not the PGA.
falcon50driver says:
Of course Koreans are good at golf. Even their country's president gets several hole in ones per round.
Kurt the Knife says:
mjaber says: "have 4somes of 2 men and 2 women... or both"

Is it just me? Is it just how my mind works?
but...ya know?
yeah, maybe its just me.
bkuehn1952 says:
@KTK: Yeah ... it's just you ... and 90% of the rest of the warp-minded USA.
birdieXris says:
@KTK - mine too man, mine too.

But seriously i enjoy the ladies tour. I wish they would come around here more often so i could go more! Last tourney i was at for the ladies was the US womens' open in Saucon Valley, PA. I've been to the AT&T, going to the US open, and have been to numerous Mens events in the northeast.
mmontisano says:
i just like watching golf. so i'll be going to the HSBC tournament that's here in Singapore in late February. i'll let you know how it goes.
toothid says:
Interesting statement that LPGA golf is closer to the game "amateurs play".
This is boloney. I have been to several LPGA events...and these gals are good.
Granted they don't play from the Tips but they win with scores well under par..on tournament course setups. This is far from the game even the best amateurs play.
This may be an ego problem. We guys don't want to pay to watch a woman, who could kick our butts, play golf.
toothid says:
Also was interested in the comments of an OOB'er who complained about the $55 fee to "volunteer at an LPGA event. True the word "volunteer" is a bit misleading since you MUST pay this fee to work. However I have "volunteered at several Nationwide tour events and for a $45 fee you received a shirt, hat, windshirt, lunch tickets and admission. PGA and LPGA events provide the same perks.
Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to the discussion question on how to make the LPGA more attractive. I guess the bottom line may be the economy. Tournament sponsors only have so many dollars to spend and Tiger and Phil give more $$$$$ return than Natalie and Christie.
Kurt the Knife says:
I like watching the girls play.
Its fun to think about how well they could whip me.

And how badly they could beat me playing golf.
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