Who Should Be #1?
By mustang6560 on 2/2/11
Sports Illustrated Golf is not a fan of the Official World Golf Rankings. So they created their own ranking system.
Tiger Woods went a year without a victory. He won the Australian Masters in November 2009, then disappeared from golf for five months. He returned to tie for fourth at the Masters and the U.S. Open, but he also missed a cut, withdrew from the Players and didn't win another top 10 for the rest of the Tour schedule. Somehow, though, he remained No. 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking. He was finally passed on Nov. 1, by Lee Westwood, who had won a grand total of one tournament since ... November 2009.
I totally agree with the premise of what SI Golf is doing. It should not have taken Lee Westwood nearly a year to replace Tiger as the #1 golfer in the world. And further, how does Westwood - who only won one tournament in 2010 - deserve to be number one?

The way the SI Golf ranking works is each person will rank the top 10 golfers and will assign a corresponding point (person ranked No. 1 will get 10 points and person ranked No. 10 will get 1 point). After each staffer fills out their individual rankings, they will total the points to determine the top 10.

My only beef is the fact that staffers from SI Golf, Golf Magazine and Golf.com will be the people in charge of determining the rankings. What's to stop someone from letting their emotion or personal preference from getting in the way of an accurate ranking.

At the end of the day, it's just for fun and is not official. And to be honest, I tend to agree with their rankings. Here is their top 5:
  1. Martin Kaymer
  2. Graeme McDowell
  3. Lee Westwood
  4. Phil Mickelson
  5. Rory McIlroy
Who do you think is currently the best golfer in the world?

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ponderous says:
Kurt the Knife... he's the bee's knees.
bducharm says:
This is definitely a conundrum. Is the #1 golfer the one who is playing the best right now? How does the strength of a Euro PGA Tour event compare to a US PGA Tour event? Since McIlroy and Westwood are not going to play The Players, should they penalized for not playing in one of the premier fields of the year? Too much to consider. That is why it is fun to discuss! Personally, I think the world #1 is Bubba Watson! He won last week against a VERY good field! (hopefully you can hear the sarcasm)
Backquak says:
how bout a system that awards points like the fedex, except the points loose value over time. so the current winner each week gets say a thousand points and 2nd gets 900 and so on, but every week since the points were given they loose value so the current winners jump up the leaderboard quickly but if you want to stay on top you have to keep winning and placing at the top cuz every week you don't your points you have accrued in the past are loosing value.
bducharm says:
@Backquak - so do I get 1000 points if I win on the Euro Tour???
jdhowens says:
@Backquak, that's basically the principle underlying the current system. You're just suggesting (I presume) a faster attrition rate. And bducharm, sometimes European Tour fields can be stronger than those on the PGA Tour in a given week - that may well have been the case in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago. I disagree with the implication in the article that there is no case for Westwood being the world's best golfer at the moment: aside from the win, he's placed very strongly in a string of big tournaments, including almost winning THE PLAYERS Championship, and placing second in both the Masters and the Open last year. While I accept that these things are never clear-cut and that there are a number of players who could validly be said to be the best at the moment, Lee Westwood fully deserves to be one of them.
bkuehn1952 says:
To be considered #1, you pretty much should have a major in your resume. I suppose winning several lesser tournaments or a bunch of "top 10's" might get you the top spot as long as no one else was a multiple Major winner during the same time period. In a sense, Westwood was just fortunate that no one went out and won more than a single major in the past 2 years.
billbadaz says:
Kaymer is playing the best right now, with Graeme, Matt Kuchar, Dustin Johnson, Lee, Rory and Phil all right behind him. I would rank Tiger around 10 right now, behind Johnny Vegas!!!
wrhall02 says:
My list:
1. McDowell (his short game edges Kaymer)
2. Kaymer (hell of a game)
3. Waston (long and becoming a solid short gamer too)
4. Westwood (consistant, but not a great Sunday player, lacks the killer instinct)
5. Mickelson (lefty has talent and balls)
mjaber says:
I vote for me... I'm #1... They told me yesterday at work... One of my co-workers held up 1 finger at me.
Panerai111 says:
My vote's for Kaymer.
lazorbeam says:
Nascar just changed their points system. Golf should change theirs too. A points system where your points only last for 12 months and then they start to fall off.


P.S. I am not a Nascar fan.
blackhawk says:
Rate the top golfers in the world by the results in the majors, WGC events and The Players over the last 12 months. Use the current Fed Ex point system and don't exclude the players who are not participating in the Fed Ex.
dottomm says:
G-MAC 2011!!!
blackhawk says:
Here are the top 25 in points by the method I described above:

1 Lee Westwood 1229
2 Martin Kaymer 1094
3 Ernie Els 1038
4 Phil Mickelson 985
5 Graeme McDowell 882
6 Tim Clark 869
7 Hunter Mahan 862
8 Paul Casey 788
9 Ian Poulter 755
10 Francisco Molinari 739
11 Louis Oosthuizen 672
12 Charl Schwartzel 647
13 Matt Kuchar 606
14 Rory McIlroy 580
15 Robert Allenby 561
16 Retief Goosen 537
17 Nick Watney 511
18 Sean O'Hair 462
19 Tiger Woods 443
20 Luke Donald 438
21 Camilo Villegas 426
22 Dustin Johnson 413
23 Ryan Palmer 400
24 Bo Van Pelt 380
25 Bubba Watson 374
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