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Best/Worst Golf Coverage
By Kickntrue on 2/9/11
Golfweek ran a big survey on the public's opinions of tv coverage- including favorite and least favorite networks and broadcasters.

Assuming their polling methods were valid, I suppose in general we should agree with their results- right? Here are a few of the interesting ones:
What is your favorite golf network to watch?
CBS 38.5%
ESPN 5.6%
NBC 20.1%
Golf Channel 35.1%

Which analyst is most likely to make you throw your remote at the TV?
Paul Azinger, ESPN 12.7%
Curt Byrum, Golf Channel 9.7%
Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel 10.7%
Nick Faldo, CBS/Golf Channel 21.6%
Johnny Miller, NBC 45.3%

What's the coolest golf technology?
Aim Point, Golf Channel 21.7%
Protracer, CBS 33.8%
Swing Vision, CBS 29.3%
TrackMan, NBC/ESPN 15.3%
Interestingly enough, Johnny Miller was also got the most votes for the announcer most likely to make you say "hmmm," which I believe is a good thing.

Check out the full survey and let us know what you think. I don't want to spoil all of the results- but I find it very amusing that 45% of all surveyed said the reason they turn off golf coverage is because not enough shots are shown- the leader in the category BY FAR. I wonder if any TV suits are listening/reading?!

Golfweek - TV Coverage Survey Results

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SD Charlie says:
1) What about Gary McCord? That guy shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone. He was the most annoying thing about the Phoenix Open last weekend.
2) I agree, fewer interviews and shots of 3-foot par putts, and more tee shots and 300-yard banana-slice approach shots.
lcgolfer64 says:
I have to aree with the percentages - Miller is dryer then a dusty martini with too much vermouth... He can be done now.
I received one of his books (not plugging it!) as a gift a few years back and read about 15-20 pages and never went back, it's buried somewhere in storage.
lcgolfer64 says:
"let's watch it again on the konica-minolta-biz hub-ibm-cbs-sportsline-pga-golflink-shotlinksuper-slow mo cam sponsored by...oops we just missed it. can we play it back again?"
svj says:
SD Charlie i agree, but i dig gary mccord... i love golf, but it isn't the fastest pace game and i think dave and gary breathes life into it and sometimes, just sometimes they are funny...
Paolo says:
Over here in the UK we get PGA coverage on SKY Sports but it seems every 5mins they have to go back to the studio because Golf Channel cut the feed. I guess because you in the US are having one of the oh so many ad breaks. It's annoying as at most we get 3 x 3mins ad breaks per hour.

Now the absolute best golf coverage is the BBC's coverage of The Open. Continuous coverage, no breaks, about 6 hours per day for the hole weekend... quality !
svj says:
Paolo, here in american we love buying stuff we don't need and make believing we are better for it, so yes ads are a very important part of our lifes, so we must have them...
Paolo says:
svj... very funny :-D
bashworth says:
the way johnny miller talks you would think he would win if he teed it up
bducharm says:
I really like McCord and Feherety going back and forth. The Masters folks need to loosen up a bit and allow McCord back. Also like Charlie Rymer. Met him years ago at the Texas Open and he gave me one of his hats. He has the biggest melon I have ever seen - it was fitted and had to be 8 1/8 at least!

Absolutely despise Chamblee - a know nothing!
Duke of Hazards says:
Feherty's the best. His Phoenix Open comment on Tommy Two-Glove's grip looking 'like two lobsters during mating season' even got a chuckle out of my wife in the next room.
legitimatebeef says:
McCord tries way too hard to be a zany oddball and ends up making me feel sad. Don't care for Jim Nantz and his stuffed-shirt pomposity, and least of all for the overcooked sentimentality of NBC's Jiminy Roberts. Everyone who knows golf knows about Sean O'Hair and how he hates his dad. Roberts was interviewing a victorious O'Hair, who credited his father-in-law with some of his success. Apparently Roberts was so preoccupied with himself and didn't hear the "in-law" part and assumed that O'Hair had reconciled with his dad and made a huge ass out of himself. It was so awkward I wanted to throw the tv out the window.
falcon50driver says:
I don't know who this obnoxious loudmouth on the golf channel is, because I hit the remote as quick as I see him, haven't hung around long enough to get his name, but he needs to go before he drives all the viewers away. You probably know who I'm talking about. He looks like he's had waaay too much coffee and then took some speed pills then talks down to the ignorant audience with a way too fast and loud voice about his infinitely superior knowlege of golf.
brianshaffer32 says:
I wish I could hang McCord by his mustache and use him as an impact bag... what a tool
jbeck644 says:
brianshaffer32 You are right on target. McCord is far and away the most irritating announcer covering golf and Johnny Miller is such an arrogant ass the golfing world do quite nicely without his pomposity.
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