Only John Daly
By mustang6560 on 2/10/11
John Daly will never be accused of a straight laced guy. From his outerwear to his attitude, Daly has made a career of challenging the golfing norms.

His latest idea was to combine two of his great passions - golf and television.
You ever spend four hours out on the golf course, wondering what the heck else is going on around the world? Well, spend more time with John Daly, because he could just flip on his TV screen on his golf bag and BOOM, you're informed.

Yep, John Daly's new Big Red golf bag has a television screen and it fits snug atop the belly of the staff bag.
Only John Daly. If any other golfer (except maybe Boo Weekley) added a TV to their bag, they would have been chastised for it because it's tacky.

But not John Daly. No one feels threatened by him so he's almost allowed to do whatever he wants. IMO, this is just the latest example of Daly being way more talented than ambitious.

Kudos to lazorbeam for pointing this one out!

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bducharm says:
AWESOME - I want one!!! Giveaway??? :-)
Tha Clint says:
This is waaay better than Rodney Dangerfields Radio bag!
ppinkert says:
looks sweet.. now there's a bag for golf...
birdieXris says:
there was talk of ppl doing this for sponsor ads. way to b the first, JD!
wrhall02 says:
Given our fascination with TV...I'm surprised JD is the first.

Tacky? Hell yes! But I'm kinda drawn to the idea (yeah, I'm a TV junky). But why not take it further??? Add an umbrella that doubles as a Satellite dish and the bar accessories Rodney's bag sported in that would be a golf bag!
Trip says:
Caddies can now watch t..v. and catch their players breaking the rules!
cjgiant says:
lol @trip, or the players themselves on replays
bkuehn1952 says:
Does the MiniZoo have a zipper section for the TV?
miketomei says:
I'm sure the Tour will ban these the first time a player in mid-swing catches a glimpse of it out of the corner of their eye. Talk about a distraction.
Kickntrue says:
This won't really be used as a tv, right?! It's just going to display dynamic advertising. Could still be distracting but it's not like he'll be playing and catching up on Days Of Our Lives at the same time.
Bryan K says:
Man....and you all thought cell phones on the course were bad.

I've actually been trying to figure out a way to get a tablet to mount securely to my push cart. Man, what a tool that would be on the course.

I gotta say no to the TV, though. I'd be calling the clubhouse in a hurry.
munk24 says:
I was listening to XM radio today and they said its already been done a couple times on tour.
munk24 says:
Heres a link to one of them on the lpga
munk24 says:
Michael Allen had one at the PGA at Hazeltine.
bkuehn1952 says:
Any golf-related use of the TV (or a computer tablet) would be prohibited under Rule 14-3. So it looks like John Daly will be limited to "Days of Our Lives".
Bryan K says:
You mean I can't keep score on my tablet? How would that be different than keeping score on a phone?
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