Is This Tiger's Week?
By mustang6560 on 2/11/11
In case you missed it, Tiger shot a six under 66 today out in Dubai to pull within four of the lead at the Emirates Golf Club.

Will this be the weekend that finally ends his title drought?
Rory McIlroy maintained the lead going into the weekend at the Dubai Desert Classic, shooting a 4-under 68 for a one-shot lead over Sergio Garcia and Thomas Aiken.

Tiger Woods shot a 66 to trail by four shots.
I don't actively root against Tiger. At the same time, I don't actively root for him either. But after shooting a measly 71 on Thursday, Tiger put together a bogey-less round that turned up the heat on Rory McIlory.

Tiger has won this tournament twice before (2006 & 2008). Then again, Tiger had won at Torrey Pines a total of seven times but wasn't near contention at the Farmers Insurance Open.

Will Tiger win this weekend?

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brianshaffer32 says:
Does a bear sh*t in the woods?
Kurt the Knife says:
GolfinHawg says:
I don't think he will. He has another un-Tiger like round this weekend. Top 10 finish at best.
Banker85 says:
WIll HE WIN? I wouldn't be surprised but I am leaning towards no. But it is nice to see him spanking Kaymer and Westwood, letting them know who the true #1 is.
homermania says:
Seems like Weekday Tiger is back. Hopefully Weekend Tiger makes an appearance soon.
TeT says:
nice to see the no bogies, a step in the right direction.. I strive for no 3x bogies myself... someday.
legitimatebeef says:
Tiger has played some pretty good rounds over the last year. I think his game is still pretty good, but the tournament golf game is still kind of rough, he hasn't been able to quite keep it together for all 72 holes. But I wouldn't count the guy out because he's been written off twice before only to come back and dominate the pro golf game. He obviously knows something about how to play this game.
stedar says:
What a great two rounds - watching the top 3 play ;-) Would have been great to see Phil make up a foursome... Tiger still has it - his game was definitely weak on Thursday, but Friday it all started to mesh and with him playing well within himself. Great to see his putting back on line.

It occurs to me that it is not about who will win, but will Tiger lose... :-) He is definitely the best player out there - although Rory is looking sharp...
Bryan K says:
My dad says Tiger will never win another tournament. I so want to be able to prove him wrong.

Tiger has played well enough to win. Just not for four straight days.
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