D.A. Points Wins At Pebble
By Kickntrue on 2/14/11
One of the great parts about these young winners is learning to enjoy new talent- and the personalities that come with it. When D.A. Points tapped in his par on hole 72 at Pebble Beach yesterday, winning his first PGA Tour event, he yelled to the crowd, "Thanks everyone for coming!" The announcers then informed us that this is something Points does every tournament after the 72nd hole- regardless of his finish. Color me a fan.
"It's a dream come true," Points said. "To win on the PGA TOUR, and especially at Pebble Beach, and especially with Bill Murray ... I don't think I could dream this up."

Indeed, it was surreal at times.

One shot behind and facing the scariest shot at Pebble Beach that doesn't involve the Pacific Ocean, Points hit a gap wedge that barely cleared the bunker on the par-5 14th, landed in the first cut of rough and trickled down the slope and into the hole. He followed that with a bending, 30-foot birdie putt for a two-stroke lead that made Murray laugh because he didn't know what else to do.
This event was perfectly timed with the NFL season over. Add that to a great venue and the fun of a few celebs and it really was a made-for-tv event. I watched the last two hours of coverage or so and thought Points really looked good. Admittedly, I thought he'd cave down the stretch- but it wasn't to be. He's won before on the Nationwide Tour and that grit showed.

For his efforts- D.A. Points made a cool $1.1M along with a repeat tee-time with Bill Murray next year. How was YOUR weekend?

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Banker85 says:
man i moved and havent had any tv for the past 2 weeks! need to watch me some golf! I wonder if that was the first time Bill Murray was paired with the winner? I love the celeb pro am tourneys they are always a good watch.
dottomm says:
I was there Sunday! Points was great! What a day! The weather was epic. My first visit to Pebble. That course is amaaaaaazignnaaarrly. No one was making putts. The greens were vicious!
Kurt the Knife says:
"How was YOUR weekend? "

sucked. 106 after a 94 on saturday.
Wifey says she'll book us a long weekend at pebble when I break 80.


Thanks for asking, tho'
Kurt the Knife says:
I know... waah waah waah.
Backquak says:
Kurt, we need to get together and play, I'll help you break 80, if ya take me along to pebble.
bkuehn1952 says:
@kickntrue & KTK: Unlike me, I am guessing that shoveling the snow off your deck was not part of last weekend's festivities for either of you.
rmumph1 says:
Beautiful weekend, high in the 60's, clear skies, but no golf. Oh well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Man I love living in the south. Have fun with the snow.
srogers13 says:
Kurt, learn your loopholes, what did you shoot for nine holes?
Kurt the Knife says:
Like the numbers I write on the card?

Din't realize it could be so easy.
All I hafta do is show wifey the card.

sir, u r a genius.
and here i am being all truthy n stuff.
Changed out says:
Go Play a Par 3 course then you'll break 80 on 18 holes...sounds legit and you don't have to lie to your wife.
lud5380 says:
Hoping to try and walk on Pebble as a single in exactly a week.
Kurt the Knife says:
@ lud
Let us know how that goes.

And how many Benjamins they juice ya for.
lud5380 says:
Its gonna be 500. It'll be worth it. I play a whole lot of awesome rounds for pretty cheap so it'll balance out. I can also play bethpage this summer for like 60 bucks so i'll average the 2 out.
jfurr says:
My golf weekend went like this: on the fantasy golf thing I did well, picked Points, Mayhan, Watney and Holmes and held on the lead in our company fantasy pick'em thing. But in the real world, had two days of horrible playing which was just plain painful. I rediscovered the chipping yips which I thought I had gotten past, but they came back fierce! Then it all crumbled like a house of cards and started swinging like a monkey swinging a football bat. But at least it was possible to play golf for that I'm glad.
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