The Year of Lee Westwood
By mustang6560 on 2/11/11
2011 could be the year of Lee Westwood.

His first accomplishment - a lifetime membership on the European Tour.
Lee Westwood has joined an elite group of golfers by being awarded honorary life membership of the European Tour.

"I have always loved the Tour and the people surrounding it - it has played a huge part in my life and I will cherish this honour for the rest of my life," said the world number one in Dubai, where he is preparing for the Omega Desert Classic.
Westwood is the 37th player to receive this honor.

I think Westwood has a unique opportunity this year and I hope he takes full advantage of it. He has the title of No. 1, but Tiger has the title of being the best golfer. He already stripped Tiger of his No. 1 ranking. Now he could steal the title of being the best golfer from Tiger.

In my mind, Westwood has two choices: 1) dig in and fight like hell to earn his place in golf history as one of the true elite players or 2) end up being a footnote in the career of Tiger Woods (like so many other golfers).

I know it's much easier to type that than it is to do, but I just don't know if Westwood has the fight in him to make this happen. If he doesn't act soon, Tiger will find his rhythm again and/or one of the other up-and-coming talents like McDowell and Kaymer will steal the show.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Pretty good analysis - I agree with your thinking.
Banker85 says:
if Westwood doesnt start to win majors (and he better soon being 37 yrs old) he will be forgotten soon enough. i doubt he has any major vicotries in him maybe one at Augusta but thats about it. he is no true #1.
bducharm says:
He is intentionally skipping the Players so he doesn't drop his #1 ranking. This is why I say the Euro Tour is NOT as tough as the PGA Tour. Hell, I would even say the Nationwide Tour is as tough. Quit giving so much credibility to the guys who play mostly on the Euro Tour!!!
askarzy says:
I agree with everyone's posts above mine. Not a big Westwood fan myself.
mjaber says:
Lee Westwood = Colin Montgomerie 2.0... Really good player, not a "major" champion.
mmontisano says:
dude will win one. it will most likely be The Open Championship if anything. maybe a PGA Championship.

last year's 2nd place for him at Augusta was a fluke because he's not a drawer of the ball. he even said so himself.
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