Lesson for Rookies: Don't Call Tiger Out
By mustang6560 on 2/15/11
Tour veteran Scott Stalling blogs for BNET in addition to his golf. And he offered Brendan Steele some advice. PGA Tour rookie handbook section A, lesson 1: "Don't ever, EVER call out a veteran player on tour. Especially Tiger Woods".

To refresh your memory, Brendan Steele told SI he didn't think Tiger "gave it everything" at Torrey Pines. The media ate that up and produced several stories about it. Here's what Scott had to say about it:
Now I know Brendan and I have no doubt that he meant no ill will toward Tiger. But it’s a good lesson for all of us rookies playing on the PGA Tour for the first time.

Unlike the lower level events in golf where guys are used to working hard and not getting a whole lot of attention from the press, on the PGA Tour the players are the event. What happened with Brendan couldn’t be a clearer example of that.
Whoa Mr. Bigtime Rookie Man, who do you think you are offering your opinion on TW?

Maybe Brendan was just trying to get some attention or simply he made those remarks in error. But I totally agree with Scott - never question the work ethic of major tour players.

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birdieXris says:
After reading the whole story, i think it was blown out of proportion by the media. i'd like to see a graphic of the players that have actually played with tiger in a major. Stands to reason that there'd be a lot of repeats. Maybe he noticed something from the inside that people didn't hear on the outside. What he said could have totally been true. I think it was a rookie mistake to say it to the press though, yes. They spun it way out of proportion and i doubt it was meant to "call him out". Personally, i think Tiger is now going to be the laughing stock of the tour for everything he's done. He's already become the resident 90 year old and whenever he's referred to it's always "tiger of old" or "back in tiger's day".
mustang6560 says:
@birdieXris- there is no doubt the media blew this out of proportion.
birdieXris says:
I just can't see faulting the guy for it. Maybe it'll light a fire under El Tigre's butt.
svj says:
media always does that in a way, but tiger just seems to be a tard anymore... everytime i see him, whining or flipping out or doing something stupid... i mean, i understand falling from grace might be hard, but i sure he still gets ton of hot chics and i know he still makes a ton of money, so there is no real reason for being a total jerk off...
Banker85 says:
ya mental error on this rookies part talking to the press about Tiger in general unless he wanted the attention.
Trav says:
Yes, way overblown. But if he's smart, he's hoping he doesn't get paired up with TW anytime soon.
toothid says:
Actually, the rookie was wrong...Tiger was giving it everything...but at the moment his "everything" is not good enough. But he will be back
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