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Golf and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
By mustang6560 on 2/16/11
I found a way to relate the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue to golf (you're welcome).

Blair O'Neal, winner of the Big Break Dominican Republic, was featured in a Cobra ad wearing a swimsuit advertising the new products. Here's what the ad says:
We could talk about our new elliptical face design, but we don't think you're really listening right now.
I had the pleasure of meeting Miss O'Neal in Orlando at Demo Day (see picture). She was outside the Puma tent meeting and greeting eager fans. Most of the on-lookers recognized her face, but didn't really know who she was. But this ad will definitely help her name recognition in the future.

Anyone had the opportunity to check out the new swimsuit issue yet?

Link to 2011 Swimsuit Issue

See Blair's Ad

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lcgolfer64 says:
Linking - I love it!
I have not checked it out, but they were all over it on the local sports talk-shows the last couple of days ago.
[Radio?... How can ya 'talk' about a swimsuit issue on the radio - last I knew, it was the wrong one of the 5 senses...]
rmumph1 says:
"SWWIINNGG" (hip thurst).... She looks pretty good and she can play golf, great combination
guzzlingil says:
"pretty good"?

dartboss04 says:
i liked sarah brown...but blaire is hot too...
Trav says:
Trying to imagine her and Rickie F standing next to each other modelling Puma hats.
rmumph1 says:
@Guzz-ok,ok, Damn Good, smoking hot.
svj says:
sarah brown fan also, but hey i'm not complaining....
bducharm says:
I get Sports Illustrated for the articles ONLY!!! :-)
mustang6560 says:
@bducharm- i'm actually surprised how many articles are in the swimsuit issue now. it seems they are trying to beef up the content for whatever reason.
bducharm says:
@mustang - they gotta justify the cost somehow!!!
rmumph1 says:
Did anyone realize my Wayne's World reference on one of my post? I didn't get any responses.
Banker85 says:
lol rmumph1, it shoulda said scchhhwwing! gotta accentuate the sch sound! love that movie...
rmumph1 says:
@Banker-yeah, I thought about that before I posted, wasn't sure how to word it. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth!
Dusty23 says:
i've been thru my son's copy of the swimsuit issue twice and then he went thru it too just too make sure, her cobra ad is not in his magazine, though i have to say i really didn't mind looking for it. Did see the ad on the link thru Golf digest, very nice ! different kind of golf advertising.
golfrefugees says:
Here's a link to an actual golf related sports swimsuit;
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