Steve Stricker Talks About Experience in Middle East
By mustang6560 on 2/17/11
It's normal to see Tiger and Phil headlining golf tournaments on the European Tour in the Middle East. Steve Stricker's name is not typically associated with the European Tour.

He made an appearance in Doha last month and here's what he had to say about it:
“It was a unique experience, an eye-opening experience, and like I say, I would go back, but if it was the only time that I went there, it was worth it,” Stricker said in a press conference prior to the Northern Trust Open, where he is defending champion.

He found it pretty remarkable how the Euro Tour regulars manage to galavant the world to play tournament golf every week.

“I don’t know how they do it,” he said. “I got there a couple days early. I was there for ten days, and I got there a few days early, never really got caught up on my sleep, felt like I was never rested.”
As I guy who sits behind a desk everyday, I'd like to think given the chance, I'd jetset across the world playing golf tournaments. But when it comes down to it, it would require an unbelievable amount of energy just to get to the events - let alone trying to play competitive golf. So I applaud all the guys who travel across and pond multiple times a year playing different events.

Let's be real though. The main reason Tiger, Phil and Steve do these appearances is because they make bank! Just think of all the oil money out in that part of the world?

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bducharm says:
Having done my share of corporate international travel, I can honestly say it taxes your energy and body! I feel like it would be extremely tough to travel as much as they do and play effective golf. Conditioning is definitely a key. One of the best international trips I had was when I went to Paris and actually ran the 20K of Paris! I felt so much better that trip.
falcon50driver says:
If you ride in the pointy end of the airplane you can take a few hits on the oxygen mask and it makes a big difference in the fatigue level at the end of a long trip.
bducharm says:
@merlin - agreed, however my company only pays for coach!!!
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