Jim Gray Got Canned
By mustang6560 on 2/21/11
Jim Gray is making quite the name for himself in the golf community. What that name is isn't necessarily a good thing.

Back before the Ryder Cup, Gray broke news that Captain Corey Pavin said Tiger Woods was a lock for the team. Pavin denied saying that and then the two proceed to have a junior high school girl fight play out in the media that even involved their wives.

In Gray's latest scuffle, he tried to talk to Dustin Johnson about his near disqualification from the Northern Trust Open and Johnson's caddie Bobby Brown took issue with it. For his behavior, the Golf Channel "removed" Gray from the weekend coverage.
Johnson's caddie, Bobby Brown, argued with Gray on Thursday in the scoring area, telling the veteran broadcaster that he should not have been discussing a rules incident with Johnson on the course during the round.

A four-time winner on the PGA Tour, Johnson was nearly disqualified and was assessed a two-stroke penalty because he was late for his first-round tee time. Gray spoke to Johnson about it later in the round, something that Brown and others in the group took issue with.
I have to applaud the Golf Channel for dismissing Gray. I understand to be a good reporter, you have to be a little gutless. But, it seems to me Jim Gray is worried more about making a name for himself as a reporter than being a good correspondent.

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Pappybro says:
You meant 'gutsy'?

And yes, talking to Johnson in the midst of the match is rather... lacking.
falcon50driver says:
Yes, Gutsy and Gutless mean different things. Unlike Fat Chance, and Slim Chance, which mean the same thing.
mustang6560 says:
I mean it as he'll do anything for a story with a not-so favorable connotation.
Pappybro says:
Oh, I agree with you in that context.
mjaber says:
So did Golf Channel fire him, or was he just pulled from the last tournament?
mustang6560 says:
as far as I know, he just got removed for the weekend. it will be interesting to see how often he's hired in the future.
Panicing says:
Jim Gray already has a name for himself. Much bigger than Dustin Johnson's. Gray was already huge when he was a punk to Pete Rose during an inappropriate time. However, time got him off the hook on that one, as Pete Rose proved to be a bigger punk.
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