RIP Stack & Tilt
By Kickntrue on 2/22/11
The once-trendy Stack & Tilt is quickly losing followers, punctuated by one time S&T man Aaron Baddeley winning Sunday after abandoning the system.
The swing method has been losing backers, and the buzz around the technique had dulled considerably. Mike Weir left to go back to a more conventional swing. Charlie Wi remains the S&T prize pupil. But then Aaron Baddeley finally won again on Sunday – for the first time in four years and using the original swing he learned from Dale Lynch in Australia.

Why did Baddeley make the switch two years ago? He has said that it made him feel like a one-dimensional player, like he couldn’t pull off the bevy of shots required to win on the PGA Tour.
Hopefully the end of S & T means the end of those dreadful infomercials that make The Golf Channel nearly unwatchable at certain times of day (the original programming makes it unwatchable the rest of the time).

There is a group of people who believes Tiger Woods' new swing via Sean Foley is actually the Stack & Tilt method, though most think his teaching just shares some common fundamentals. Either way- it just goes to show that everything is cyclical. Someday, I promise you this- the S & T, under another name will be popular again amongst golfers. In the end though- it will continue to be the guys with homemade swings and an amazing work ethic and mental toughness who will continue winning events.

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birdieXris says:
Amen, brother. I hated stack and tilt since i saw the first commercial. "it goes against every traditional swing thought".... yea that's a great idea. Take everything we've learned over 200 years of golf and throw it out the door. THAT's the way to win at golf. :)
Trav says:
Amen. This stuff is like religion to some people, both sides. If it works for them, then great, but it looks like there are lots of ways to swing successfully.
preny says:
Drastically altering your swing using an oversimplified method designed to sell DVDs doesn't work?!?!

S&T has few actually new theories or methods, just a far too rigid implementation strategy and a stupid one-size-fits-all marketing approach. The useful elements have been around at least since Hogan, he just didn't care about cheaply advertised DVDs.

I think good golf teachers will always try to perfect a golfer's natural swing, not give him a new one out of a box and expect it to work consistently under pressure.
Banker85 says:
you are right, homemade natural swings are the best shot-making swings... Rory, Kaymer, Dustin, Fowler, Grame, Furyk etc... i could go on and on and of guys on this list that are great with what they feel most comfortable with. I know some prob do have swing coaches but still they seem to stick to what feels natural as what i am trying to do. I want to be fundamentally sound but aslo stick to my natural swing.
tennesseeboy says:
I spent some time at the range trying to keep my weight on the left side. I don't know if this really qualifies as S&T but it was my attempt at experimenting with S&T. I found that it did give me more consistent contact with noticeably less distance. I am willing to trade distance for consistency. The only reason I never tried it again was my lower back hurt for a week after trying it for less than an hour on the range.
wrhall02 says:
Damn it...I was just going to try the S & T...but it's dead! Sarcasm, of course.

We all know great ball strikers with ugly swings, and vice versa. The end result is what matters. I always choose substance over style, not only relating to golf.
legitimatebeef says:
It had its moment.
mankowa says:
Hopefully Rocco and his V-harness will be next to go.
dsferris says:
Next up is the No Backswing Swing. I read about this a while ago. The claim was that many of the bad habits start in the back swing so eliminate the back swing, and you eliminate the problems. Basically you learn the perfect top position and set there like in baseball, then you make your normal forward swing. Ummmm anybody....hello?
DougE says:
One big element of S&T worked for me. Keep weight on front foot, even while going through backswing. Very little weight shift to back foot. It works. If you have trouble hitting down on the ball and taking your divot in front of the ball, this element of S&T will help. Your swing, of course, will still need to be somewhat on plane. I never actually used the whole S&T swing, but the weight forward portion really helped my game. I went from an 18 hdcp to a 10.9, within a year of making the change. (I'm back over 12 now, due to injury, but that's another story.) In any case, I too will be happy to watch Golf Channel without the constant S&T ads. They were too much!
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