To Poulter: Shortest Title Defense in History
By mustang6560 on 2/23/11
Ian Poulter, the reigning match play champion, could possibly post the shortest title defense in history. When asked about it in Arizona yesterday, Poulter had this to say:
"Could be, could be on an airplane by mid afternoon, I guess," Poulter said, eliciting laughter in the interview room. "Thanks for that. I hadn’t really thought about that until you just mentioned it, but thanks, well done. I’d rather be having a nice salmon for a starter and filet steak for dinner tomorrow night."
Poulter has two things going against his title defense. First, he drew Stewart Cink in the first round. Cink finished second here in 2008 (when he got whooped by Tiger) and has a couple other top 5 finishes. The other thing going against Poulter is his 7:25 AM local time tee time - the earliest of the first round matches.

Personally, I think it's BS that Poulter, as the defending champion, was scheduled to play the earliest first round match. The conditions in the morning are going to be completely different than in the afternoon. Reports are that the temperature could change up to forty degrees by the afternoon matches. Teeing off in 30 degree temperatures is completely different than temperatures in the 70s.

As for drawing Cink, well... that's up to the golfing gods. Game on!

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birdieXris says:
Well the good news for the temperature is that they'll both have to play in it, so at least he doesn't have to post a score to compete with the other guys in the bracket, just Cink. I'd like to see Poulter make it through and contend at the end of it all. Do we have stats on anybody that's done a repeat?
mustang6560 says:
only Tiger's repeated in '03 and '04 -
birdieXris says:
billbadaz says:
who cares when the tee time is. It is match play. both players are playing in the same conditions. Cink still beats his british a**
TeT says:
Um,,, they both are playing the early match... kind of a wash
bobhooe says:
As long as he's had a few days to acclicmate whats the dif
Kurt the Knife says:
looks like he'll get what he wants.
lost to Cink.
Now go eat your fishies.
billbadaz says:
and Cink takes out the Champ US 1. Brits 0
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