Tiger Talks About Winning
By mustang6560 on 2/23/11
Since Tiger's public fall from grace, it seems the media is starting to ask him more about his game than his personal endeavors. Part of that is because his divorce is over, but the other part is Tiger's getting smart.

Instead of trying to live a life above the "rest" of us, Tiger is starting to take off his mask a little and engage with his fans. He's learning how to use twitter (@TigerWoods), which provides insight into the wonderful world of TW. By making himself more available, people aren't having to try as hard to get into his head.

BTW, I'm picking Tiger 8&7 today against Thomas Bjorn. Here's Tiger talking to the media ahead of the World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play.

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birdieXris says:
I just don't like the way Tiger talks in interviews. He hemms and hawws too much and nomatter what he says, it all sounds like it comes from a script. It just seems as if he's always talking down to everyone, regardless of the situation.
TeT says:
didnt get the "talking down" in this interview. Of course its before the action starts so he is relaxed. After a round at the interview table he is still wound tight from his round.
homermania says:
Just watched him ram home the #12 par save on the Live@ feed. Vintage Tiger.
Trip says:
When he was winning, his "talking down" was "confidence". I really think he doesn't know what it is like to be a regular player, which he is now. Other players were afraid to even mention his name, now Rory takes a jab every time he opens his mouth. The players are not afraid of him anymore. His intimidation factor was a big part of him winning. He never (very rarely) comes back to win. He would get out in front, and everyone would collapse around him. Not anymore. This should be an interesting year for him.
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