Guess that week off to race mattered.
Tiger Passes on Vardon Trophy
By Kickntrue on 10/20/06
So as some of you may know, Tiger Woods decided not to play at this weekend's Funai Classic at Disney, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. What makes this interesting is that by passing up the event, he will also be giving up the Vardon Trophy.

The Vardon Trophy is given to the person with the lowest scoring average on the PGA Tour for the year, a category which Tiger is leading by over 1 stroke per round. The "catch" is that to win, you must play 60 official rounds on the PGA Tour. Because of his scheduling and some time off due to his father's passing, Tiger is stuck on 55 rounds with only 1 more event on his schedule. By skipping the Funai, which is only 15 minutes from his home, he is essentially saying he doesn't care about the Trophy.

This is a change from 2003, when he was beat by Vijay in total earnings but claimed that winning the Vardon was more important to him.

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