This Aint The Big Dance
By Kickntrue on 2/24/11
The WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship is awesome- but let's not get carried away with "Tiger losing" or any of the Day 1 upsets. Sure- it's easy to get excited about higher seeds knocking off the lower seeds but let's remember it happens EVERY year. This isn't the NCAA basketball tourney.

Beyond the obvious fact that golf and basketball are completely different sports and that a "lesser" golfer at the pro level can always been a "better" golfer on any given day- the WGC event is also the BEST 64 golfers in the world. The NCAA basketball tourney is not. It's the 36 best teams along with 32 automatic qualifiers who are from obscure conferences that may actually make them more like the 250th best team in the country. Those are the teams the #1 seed gets to face. PLUS- consider the top teams are actually getting 8-10 better players than anyone on the roster of say, Coppin State, so in reality you may have a team comprised of 5 top 100 basketball players in the country versus a team made up of the 2000th-3000th best collegiate players in the country. BIG difference.

All that is to say- this stuff is fun and all- but let's appreciate it for what it is. A loss by Tiger sure doesn't help his need for more competitive rounds- and he certainly looked TERRIBLE on the 1st playoff hole, but it's not really that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Also losing yesterday was defending champ Ian Poulter along with Kim, Goosen, Furyk, Stricker and Villegas, just to name 7 (of 32 total losers).

Please don't any of this to be down on match play. I wish there were multiple match-play event throughout the season. I think it's an amazing format. When else can you be as excited on a Thursday for golfer- knowing you can sneak home early and watch Phil Mickelson take on Rickie Fowler one on one- and the loser goes home?! It's awesome- I'm just saying to keep the results in perspective. Going home early sucks- but there really are no "upsets."

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homermania says:
Banker85 says:
Sir snob ass
mustang6560 says:
+1 to homermania and +2 to Banker85.
Kurt the Knife says:
yeah, match play. kinda visceral. when are they gonig to incorporate the compulsory feats of strength?
Kurt the Knife says:
ooo new word....gonig
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