Why Make Excuses For Tiger?
By mustang6560 on 2/24/11
At what point will it stop being news that Tiger Woods lost?

I don't mean that literally because as long as Tiger's entered in a tournament, the media is going to cover his every move. But I mean it more symbolically.

Now, when Tiger doesn't win, the media and his opponents excuse his loss like an embarrassed wife would do for her drunk husband at a social function. "He's tweaking his swing", "He's trying to get his life settled", "He's gone through a lot".

When will it acceptable to say "Tiger lost. End of story." After beating Tiger yesterday, Thomas Bjorn had this to say:
I've always been a great friend of his, and we've always had a good relationship. And I want to see him back at his best because I think it's much more fun to go up against him when he's absolutely at his peak. And so it was things down that line."
What if this IS Tiger's best moving forward?

Tiger had a chance yesterday to write the opening paragraph of his comeback story. Needing to win on the 18th hole to extend the match, Tiger displayed a moment of brilliance that we've come to enjoy through the years as he sank the birdie putt. Everyone began to whisper, "Is this the Tiger of old?"

Nope. He shanked his drive on hole 1 (the first hole of sudden death).

If Tiger does not win a major this year, I think it will be time for Tiger fans and the golfing world alike to accept that the "new" Tiger is just a "regular" professional golfer. He's not done as a competitor, but he just won't have a stranglehold on the game like he used to. We're running out of excuses for Tiger. And you know what? I think it may be a good thing. Maybe if we stop paying Tiger so much attention for NOT winning, he'll be able to find his composure again.

Until then, I guess we'll just have to hear more about Tiger losing than about Thomas Bjorn winning.

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bashworth says:
it will stop being news when 15 handicaps stop writing about it
bducharm says:
I think Tiger is still thinking too much about the mechanics of his "new" swing. He still has work to ingrain the techniques so they become natural especially under the gun! My belief is he needs to play more to get used to the competitive feelings. I know he wants to balance his life, however competition will be the key.

BTW - he didn't "shank" his tee shot - he got stuck and the ball went right. BIG difference....
Banker85 says:
LOL +1 @bashworth.
mjaber says:
I've said it before. Tiger has lost more than just his swing. He has zero confidence since he got "Yanged" at the PGA in '09. He doesn't have the aura of invincibility anymore. Nobody is afraid of him anymore.
mustang6560 says:
@bashworth- 14.4, get it right! ;)
bkuehn1952 says:
Do I sense a grudge match developing?
homermania says:
@bashworth. Well played.
Backquak says:
A grudge match, mustang v bashworth, the ultimate oob showdown, you aren't to far apart, you should get together and settle this tigerfan vs tigerhater. mustang gets 1 stroke a side
BlameMe says:
mjaber "He doesn't have the aura of invincibility anymore. Nobody is afraid of him anymore."

Is exactly the way I see it, while I think he will probably win something here and there I don't think he will come back to the way he was.
aaronm04 says:
Hopefully it will mean the end of excess Tiger coverage at any given event despite how he's doing. But I know it won't be. Ugh.
legitimatebeef says:
It's a complex situation. Here we have a guy who won more PGA titles and major trophies than Palmer & Hogan and did it all before turning 35. Thats not something easily forgotten even today. Going to take more than a couple seasons' worth of sucking in addition to the emergence of some new phenom for the spotlight to shift. Woods is not exactly Michelle Wie-- the hype in this case is the byproduct of 71 wins, 14 majors, 3 career grand slams, Tiger slam, low score record in all 4 majors, 6 consecutive USGA national titles. 6, 7, 8, 9 win seasons. 5, 6 and 7 consecutive tournament win streaks. 142 straight cuts made, all time lowest scoring avg, etc.
legitimatebeef says:
Meaning that even if Woods never won again, he's already separated himself from the pack in a competitive sense. Nobody alive and playing pro golf right now is ever going to come close to his totals, it seems certain. Of course in terms of influence too, on the entire golf playing world isn't Tiger probably the single most influential person to play the game ever? We may not like it but that is always going to be the natural focus of the tournament. Tiger status in golf is what you would call cemented.
bashworth says:
Ill give a stroke a side ha
bashworth says:
now you are posting scores just to sandbag
stedar says:
I don't think it is Tiger the man that gets the publicity - it is Tiger the legend. All legends are based upon some truth and if we weren't here to witness some of the Tigerness" we would not have appreciated it as much. Makes him a tall poppy and unfortunately, tall poppies are always cut first. I hope he delivers some more magic, I for one enjoy watching him get a ball close to the pin from an impossible lie... Doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen more often than not with Tiger.
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