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Rickie Is Hot Pink!
By mustang6560 on 2/25/11
Hey, Phil. Maybe next time, you should lay off Rickie Fowler's wardrobe.

It's no secret Rickie wears bright, non-traditional color outfits. And yes it's true, he matches his hat and shoes- heck sometimes he even matches his pants and necklaces. But you know what Phil, he whoops people at match play. NO BIG DEAL.
Fowler made the hot part look as easy as color-coordinating his outfit.

Naturally, he took the usual amount of grief for that. Mickelson told him that his daughter has a pair of shoes that same color — she wears them to dance class. Fowler is used to comments about his colorful wardrobe. Asked if he had enough color combinations to last six rounds in case he makes it to the final this week, Fowler laughed and answered, "The hotel has laundry service — not a problem."
There is something about Rickie that is awesome. Maybe it's his homemade swing. Maybe it's his outfits. Heck, maybe it's the 7.5 degree driver he hits. Whatever it is, Folwer is fun to cheer for.

I used to make fun of Rickie for the way he dressed. But now all I see is his amazing play. You know that old saying you can't judge a book by it's cover? Well, Phil must not read very often. I hope he learned his lesson.

If Cobra ever drops Rickie, maybe their is a future sponsorship deal with John Daly on the horizon?

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bducharm says:
Rickie pulls it off!!! His clothing makes him distinct. Saw a few kids in the crowd yesterday wearing the Puma hats! Titliest will keep him signed for quite a few years!!!
Banker85 says:
I like that he doesnt care and he is just being himself and likes to be noticed and deserves to be. he is an entertainer which is what golf needs, more entertainers. Plus i love his swing.
The Full Monty says:
Agreed @ Banker85. This is precisely where Sergio went wrong. He was exciting in his earlier days and now he just blends in with the norm. His childlike enthusiasm was contageous and now he's a boring ol' Joe. Hopefully Ricky doesn't 'grow up' too soon.
Kurt the Knife says:
Building the "Fowler corp." brand.
Wise business. The kid understands.
birdieXris says:
Know what, after the match i loved Phil's reaction. He was genuinely smiling and it wasnt' just for the camera -- basically he says he got thumped. I mean, yea you can't argue it, but he had no excuses and really gave props to Rickie. I commend that, and i really admire Fowler's performance because every shot he was so into it. he had that stare going on even though he was up quite a bit on Phil. Wouldn't he have been like 10 under?
Trav says:
Phil was just joshin' him, and they have a good rapport. Much more fun to read about players, especially different generations, who can relate than about whose swing needs to be improved and how. Phil seems to accept that he is gradually settling into a mentor role for younger players. Looking for really good things from Rickie, as long as he doesn't play an exhibition match against Paula Cramer, which would be blinding.
legitimatebeef says:
Rickie Fowler style might be fun for shits and giggles at this moment, but come 5-10 years from now, when they are showing old Rickie highlights like that time he dusted old Phil Mickelson at the matchplay, all this hot pink, bright orange and emo hair and homeboy caps are going to look dated. Thats what you call taking a fashion risk. He is having his fashion fun now but pretty sure even Rickie himself is going to look back and go "gawd what was I thinking".
jbird2011 says:
I love Ricky Fowler! I love his game, his demeanor, and his style. The hair and the caps will probably change, but he will keep the bright colors his whole career. You think Paine Stewart gave a crap about how people felt about his clothes? I hope he whoops some a$$ this weekend!
aglazier says:
I volunteer as a standards bearer at the Northern Trust Open each year. In all my years of doing it, I can tell you that Ricky Fowler is one of the nicest guys on tour. He signs autographs until everyone who wants one has one, and he even took the time to take a second picture with me after I realized the first one did not turn out because the flash wasn't on. Talked for some time with him and his girlfriend about the motorcycle commercial. Super nice guy.
BTW- Having been in Phil's group twice, I can tell you he is probably the nicest guy on tour.
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