Luke Donald Wins, Kaymer No. 1
By mustang6560 on 2/28/11
What a weekend in golf.

We have a new No. 1 golfer - Martin Kaymer.

The top four players are Europeans (Martin Kaymer, Lee Westwood, Luke Donald, Graeme McDowell) - first time since March 15, 1992.

Luke Donald set a few records with his win in Arizona - first player never to trail during the tournament; only had to play 89 total holes to win, and first player not to play the 18th hole. Here's what Luke had to say about his victory.
"My goal every year is to win," said Donald, who made 32 birdies this week. "It's a long time since I've tried to play for money. I felt like I hadn't won my fair share for as good a player as I felt I was and could be. It was frustrating to me.

"To come here and compete against the best players in the world and win the trophy is very gratifying."
Talk about an exciting week to be a fan of golf. If you didn't watch any of the match play in Arizona, well you missed quite the performance. Luke Donald absolutely dominated. He won 6 and 5, 2 and 1, 3 and 2, 5 and 4, 6 and 5 then 2 and 1 against Kaymer in the final. The day was supposed to be about Martin Kaymer's ascension to the throne of No. 1, but Luke Donald made sure not to pay attention.

The only big loser of the weekend? Bubba Watson. He was the only player to lose twice over the weekend. Bubba took Kaymer the distance in the semis but couldn't hang on and in the consolation match, Bubba lost again to Matt Kuchar. Oh well, his pay check is the true consolation.

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Kickntrue says:
It was exciting for sure. I LOVE the matchplay format- though the one problem is the letdown of a single match on Sunday (I don't count consolation match). We get all that golf- and then it's just two people going around the course for 4 hours.
bkuehn1952 says:
It feels wrong to finish 4th and lose the last two matches. No one else in the field experiences double jeopardy. It has to be a bit of a downer to claw one's way to the semi-finals and then lose not once, but twice.

I understand it may be for TV that there is a consolation match. However, from my perspective, let the 3rd and 4th players split the money and have a day of rest. Unless one is a solid Kuchar or Watson fan, no one is that interested in 3rd and 4th place.
Kickntrue says:
@bkuehn1952- I don't think it's for tv. What a shame that NBC can't even show all of the shots of the consolation match when there is only 1 other going on the course.
dartboss04 says:
completely agree...i would have liked to see Bubba win as i'm a big fan, but could not care less about the consolation bkuehn1952 said...just have them split the money...
Banker85 says:
good weekend of golf, but ya i love a nice tight contested sunday afternoon with more then 2 people competing for the bi9g prize. Donald was striking everything so pure made no mistakes. Kaymer is a pimp, i liked the scarf gotta get me one.
dsferris says:
I am also a BIG Bubba Watson fan. He is one of those rare players you want to watch to see WTF he is going to pull out of the back next. (See Driver of the deck)
Banker85 says:
watson is awesome becasue his shot making ability. Not many on Tour can work the ball like Bubba.
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