Phil Raises Awareness
By mustang6560 on 3/2/11
Phil Mickelson is determined to help bring awareness to the chronic inflammatory disease that ails him. Last year, he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and to help with his effort, he's launching "On Course with Phil" in New York today.
This week he's not playing in the Honda Classic. Instead, in a media blitz today in New York, Mickelson will launch "On Course with Phil," an education program dedicated to providing information on the symptoms and treatment for people who may be living with certain chronic inflammatory joint and skin conditions. Among those diseases are psoriatic arthritis (approximately 600,000 American adults have psoriatic arthritis), rheumatoid arthritis or plaque psoriasis.
I'd heard of rheumatoid arthritis, but not psoriatic arthritis before Phil was diagnosed. And from the sounds of it, the pain is excruciating. Here's how Phil described it.
"I was laying in bed and any movement was painful. I had to go lie on the couch because whenever (wife) Amy would move it would hurt," the four-time major champion said. "I remember thinking at 3 in the morning about what is this going to do? How is this going to affect my playing career, my every day life playing with my kids? Those were my first concerns.

"A few days later I went out to play golf and the pain had extended to my shoulders and I wasn't able to take the club back."
I don't think there is a better ambassador for the game of golf and the psoriatic arthritis cause could not have a better champion for the cause. Having someone of Phil's caliber will definitely help bring attention to this disease. Luckily for Phil, he was diagnosed early and now has the disease under control. That's the message he's going to be spreading to people.

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Banker85 says:
phil is a class act
sperry says:
at least his playing career is ahead of playing with his kids in his concerns.
majorlagg says:
..just because it is mentioned first has no bearing on the weight of the statement, but thanks for be so judgmental. Anyone would know that Phil puts his family first, above anything else. my wife has this disease and little is known about it, hopefully through Phil's efforts more will be discovered.
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