George W. Bush's Connection to Golf
By mustang6560 on 3/4/11
You learn something new everyday.

I just read an interesting article about former President George W. Bush's love for the game of golf and his storied family connection to the sport. I knew "W" played golf, but I had no idea he had family ties to the game that date back to the 1920s.
Most desert golfers know that Bush's father, President George H.W. Bush, played in the 1995 Bob Hope Classic along with then-President Bill Clinton and former President Gerald Ford.

But George W. Bush's family has been involved with golf at the highest levels. His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was the president of the United States Golf Association in 1935 in addition to being a U.S. senator from Connecticut. And Bush's great-grandfather, George H. Walker, also was a president of the USGA in 1920.

The biennial Walker Cup matches between an amateur team from the United States and a team from Great Britain and Ireland is named for George H. Walker, who donated a trophy to the competition.
According to Barney Adams (founder of Adams Golf), who is a regular playing partner of George, the former president isn't all that great, but he's very competitive. Here's a funny exchange between Barney and the president.
“The first time we met on the course I said, ‘Hi, I'm Barnyard,' and he said ‘I'm W,'” Adams recalled. “On the third hole, he had a 6-footer (putt) and said, ‘When I was president they gave me these.' I said, ‘You're away.'”
I know people have mixed opinions about W, but I would jump at the opportunity to play a round of golf with the former president. Heck, I can't think of a past president I wouldn't want to tee it up with. Regardless of your feelings toward their policy, I would love to hear some of their stories. I'd even hit the links with Barrack Obama if given the chance.

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Kurt the Knife says:
I'd love a chance to drive his cerebellum into the hazard on number 1. politics.
I just frequently drive by a memorial with about 4500 crosses stuck in a hillside in Lafayette representing military deaths since Bush and his buddies put together their little soiree.
birdieXris says:
Not a fan of Bush the President, but that exchange was classic. I wish i could've been there for that!

I would definitely jump at the chance to play golf with any of the former presidents. I think if i had the chance to play with Obama, i'd say "Let's play for taxes". LOL.
bkuehn1952 says:
Politics aside, I agree with @mustang6560, playing with any of these men would be interesting. It would take some work not to allow politics or current events to intrude. The fact they are golfers means they did one thing right in life.
Banker85 says:
the stories alone would be worth it.
crowdan says:
Now watch this drive!
birdieXris says:
ROFL @ crowdan. I forgot about that!
drew1473 says:
@Kurt the Knife- So I guess we just forget about the almost 3,000 that died on 9/11.
Kurt the Knife says:
Never will forget.
There is no evidence by any credible source that Iraq ever had anything to do with airliners and WTC. Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan?...thats another matter.
Really, I apologize for opening a political topic.

10-10 on da side.
mantajim says:
Heck of a job, w.
falcon50driver says:
Here we go, what did I say about not getting into politics or religion? No matter what you say there'll be a difference of opinion. Kirk you're entitled to your opinion, no matter how ignorant it is.
Kurt the Knife says:
my mistake indeed.

At least I never insulted anyone.
mmontisano says:
to KTK: indeed. tact seems to be a lost art.
falcon50driver says:
See what I mean...
Pappybro says:
"Really, I apologize for opening a political topic."

You should be sorry.
windowsurfer says:
Uplifting as all this is . . . who was the best Golfer in Chief? Ike? JFK played some eh? (According to Seinfeld.) Nixon had some game, no? (Double check that scorecard!) Gerald Ford - collegiate footballer, had to have some athletic chops, right? I'll bet the best Cdn Prime Minister was - wait for it - Alex Trubec! Just kidding, it was John Candy. No seriously, Gretzky . . .
KVSmith59 says:
I've heard that JFK was the best....also heard that Clinton isn't the most honest golfer. Nixon would be a sneaky but diplomatic golfer, Reagan would have forgot his score too much, and Ford would have kept falling in sand traps.
falcon50driver says:
Worst foursome ever to play together. Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Monica Lewinski, and O.J.Simpson. Monica is a hooker, O.J.'s a slicer, Ted can't drive over water, and Bill can't remember the last hole he played.
srogers13 says:
I thought the first Bush was the best golfer? I do know he liked playing fast.
legitimatebeef says:
So what if people wanna fight over opinions? Let em go at it I say and if things get too rough well we'll simply settle it with an oob-sanctioned grudge match. No strokes, no mercy.
onedollarwed says:
Kurt!?!?! You insensetive SOB! You've competely forgotten about all the Iraquis killed! Heh....
dottomm says:
You can read online about Prescott Bush controversial and unprecedented ruling that when Bobby Jones hit his ball into the water there was no penalty stroke applied to his score, thus giving Mr. Jones the one stroke lead for the Grand Slam Title. Fucking Bushes been fixing up things for loooong time.
ke5sua says:
I'd love to play George W Bush, George H W Bush, Clinton, hell, even Carter.. I disgaree with at least one thing each one did but the opportunity to play golf and have informal conversations about their terms would be awesome. Regardless of how you feel about them or their policies, they were privy to information each of us are not so they made decisions based in information they had that we didnt. Case in point, Bush's Decision Points... I still disagree with his handling of TARP but I understand it better.. I learned what 'leverage' meant..
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