Does Your Golf Ball Matter?
By Kickntrue on 3/5/07
Does the golf ball you use make a difference? If so- how much? Since you can get balls for as little as $.50 a peice and as much as $6.00 per- it would seem there should be SOME difference. Well, most people think there is a difference and usually settle on a price range of balls that they think they can live with based on the skill level of their game.

I bought a dozen Titelist ProV-1x's a few weeks ago, and now I'm sort of regretting the decision. At around $40 a dozen, it's certainly a big step up in cost. Unfortunately for my wallet, I am really liking this ball. Not only does it seem to cut through the wind better, it stops like a dime on the green, and I even get the ball to backup a few feet if I try to get some backspin.

The problem I see with them is the durability. My 58* wedge cuts them up good. Anytime I hit anything over a half swing with the lob wedge I know I'll be finding bits of the ball cover in the grooves. Sure, it sticks to the green like a dart to the board, but I hope it's just the 'newness' of the wedge that is cutting them up.

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