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By Kickntrue on 3/7/11
The internets really are amazing. Coming up with something "viral" is about 25% art and 75% pure luck. The New York Times nailed the "art" part on this one. They had a couple geeks build a super computer that analyzed over 200,000 rounds of humans playing Paper-Rock-Scissors and used that data to kick your butt. I've played P-R-S before against friends who think I'm a freak. Generally I can get in their head and beat them around. No such luck against Mr. NYT Computer. It's really sort of amazing- because even in picking what you think is totally random- over the course of multiple hands the computer will know what you're doing based on other human patterns.

The funny thing is- letting luck decide which number you pick is actually your best strategy, because then you are letting randomness pick your patterns and over the course of the game things should be statistically even. So- if you want a chance- label 3 slips of paper "paper, "rock" and "scissors" and draw them randomly to make your choices. It's a lovely paradox to think you having nothing to do with something is better than you applying all of your brain power to it. If we could learn that lesson in other areas of our lives- we may be better off.

Anyway- the link is oddly addicting so you have been forewarned. Remember- racing the computer to 10 is not really a fair test- try to beat it to 25 of even 50. Good luck. Post your results in the comments.

Oops- almost forgot... golf, golf, iron, driver, golf, putter, golf, iron, putter. There we go.

New York Times - Paper, Rock, Scissors

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Kurt the Knife says:
Then I got really bored.

I recommend trying the QWOP guy.
I made 100m coupla times.
dsferris says:
DrLongballz says:
Duke of Hazards says:
14-25-25. Terminator wins.
legitimatebeef says:
Since I wiped the floor with that IBM "Watson" computer in a simulated jeopardy game I have little interest in this whole human vs. computer rivalry. There is much press lately about these newfangled artificial intelligent computers that can supposedly match wits with humans but apparently many people have never squared off against Mike Tyson in the original nintendo "Punch-Out" from the 80s. An opponent that still completely owns me. My palms get a little sweaty just at the thought of stepping into the virtual ring with that beast.
rmumph1 says:
The upper-cut on virtual Tyson was devestating. Get caught with that and you were down for the count.
homermania says:
24-15-25. I had a huge lead early, it figured me out and I got predictible.
mootruck98 says:
1. The Link has a robot hand in it.
2. The Robot Hand is made of Steel.
3. Steel is an alloy including Iron.
4. Iron is the root word of "Irons"
5. Irons are used to play golf.
6. Golf is an excuse to come to the oobGolf website.

This article complies with the 6 degrees of oobGolf requirement, Kevin Bacon eat your heart out.
tennesseeboy says:
100-52-58 Find a 5 move sequence that beats the machine and then repeat it over and over. The computer will repeat it's same losing moves. For me it was rock, paper, scissors, rock, rock. which when repeated won 2-2-1. If enough people uses this sequence, the machine will probably learn to beat it.
sigmapete1 says:
Was behind early and then I think I figured out his pattern, or just got lucky, and came back to go ahead. I love how one distraction from work (OOB) has led me to another distraction from work. It's like the Inception of procrastination...a distraction within a distraction....
Kickntrue says:
@mootruck98- thank you for that! I feel justified and vindicated- even if only from myself.
Kickntrue says:
@tennesseeboy- thank you for your commitment to awesomeness!
windowsurfer says:
@TNboy : please, you're gonna make the computer a-n-g-r-y. Klaatu barada nikto.
bashworth says:

i win
Kurt the Knife says:

N then i got bored again.
Kickntrue says:
KtK- no way... seriously?
larrynjr says:
18,15,17 over 51 matches.
mmontisano says:
i win! 18-16-16
stedar says:
10 - 6 - 4 = win to me :-)
Kurt the Knife says:
just open the field where it says "see what the computer is thinking"
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