Tiger Going to Korea
By mustang6560 on 3/8/11
As you guys know, I jump at the opportunity to cover anything Tiger Woods-related. But the reality is I love to travel and hearing about Tiger and other golfers jet-setting around the world makes me a little jealous.
Former world No. 1 Tiger Woods plans to visit Korea on April 14 to take part in the “Make It Matter” golf camp for junior and amateur golfers, his corporate sponsor Nike Golf said Tuesday.

Woods will first head to China in early April and then make a stop here before hopping over to Japan as part of the same program.
The cool part about this trip is Nike is allowing golfers to apply for one of the 100 spots available for the camp. The only problem is the website is in Korean. So you better know how to read Korean or have access to an awesome language translator. Oh, yea. And you will need to be in Korea.

For as much crap as Tiger gets in the media, his trip to Korea is just the latest of how important he is to the game. There's no telling how many extra people Tiger will attract to the sport by simply attending a one-day camp in Korea. You can check out the "Make It Matter" website by clicking HERE.

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JTW1 says:
He needs to make his game matter.
legitimatebeef says:
Why would Americans help Koreans to play better golf? They are already threatening to take over the game, especially the women's game. YE Yang unceremoniously dispatched Tiger in the final round of the PGA and it was all downhill from there. Who knows what's on the horizon. Clearly those people have an innate skill at this game. So why should our greatest player travel abroad and help them get even better? In the early part of the 20th century Britain's greatest golfer Harry Vardon ventured to the States to promote and teach the game. A few years later Vardon himself was defeated in the US Open by some low-class American caddy barely out of his teens. History folks, we are doomed to repeat it.
mjaber says:
I'm kinda surprised Tiger is doing that kind of travelling before the start of the "Major" season. I always figured a trip of that length/time would be reserved for after the end of the Fedex Cup.
mustang6560 says:
@legit- true. but improving the global game of golf will improve the american game of golf. as koreans get better and better, so will americans and germans, etc. a student of tiger's may someday beat him, but i don't see how that's bad for golf.

look at the owgr now- the top 5 is european. does that mean american golf is doomed? no, it means american golfers will have to start playing better golf to keep up. and true athletes are competitors and they will continue to fight and improve. if they don't, well then it's golf's natural selection. in order to be the best at whatever you do (golf or in business) you have to keep getting better or it's game over.
legitimatebeef says:
It means Americans are now also-rans in the world of golf. Not that there's anything wrong with that I guess. But considering our huge population, our cheap and abundant golf resources, our tradition of great players, we are kind of under-representing!! Besides the Koreans are doing just fine on their own. They have produced already a major champion, a US Amateur, and too many LPGA tournament winners to count!!!

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