Lifetime Entry to World Am
By mustang6560 on 3/8/11
I dream about playing in the World Amateur Handicap Championship for a few reasons. The main one is the thrill of the competition. If you aren't a professional athlete, it's hard to simulate the competitive experience (yes, I play in a tennis league).

The World Am is great because it offers regular Joe six-packs the opportunity to compete in golf without having to be a professional. Most golfers will never come within two light years of being good enough to qualify for a PGA sanctioned event.

If you're a World Am fan as well and like to go every year, well the whole experience just got better.
For the first time ever, the World Amateur Handicap Championship is selling LIFETIME entry into golf’s most unique event. For one price, players can secure a single entry into the World Am in perpetuity.

Better yet, the permanent entry is transferrable. You can share your entry with a friend or family member so the spot will always be used!

Only 25 LIFETIME entries will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
Can you believe that? Lifetime entry? If I knew I could get to the Myrtle Beach regularly for next few years (at least seven out of the next 10 years), I would totally consider the lifetime membership. Honestly, I'm still kind of interested because the entry is transferable. Maybe you could get three friends to split the price and then alternate years. Now that sounds real sweet!

The World Am isn't ridiculously expensive to begin with, considering the quality of courses you play (you get to play top courses in Myrtle Beach) AND how much you get to play (you get to play at least four rounds). It does take a nice chunk of change cover the entry, but if you are a savvy investor who enjoys plays in the World Am, you know it won't take long to make that back. The only catch is they are only offering 25 lifetime entries so you better act quick.

If anyone wants to donate $3,500 to the mustang6560 World Am Lifetime Entry fund, just let me know...

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birdieXris says:
wow, that's it??? those will be gone shortly. unreal. i wish i had that cash to burn right now, but my eyes are more important. Speaking of... when do signups start and is oob getting a special rate this year? that would be sweeeeeeeeeet.
Kickntrue says:
@birdie- should be soon. I'm talking to the World Am guy currently. It's not an "If" but what and when.
birdieXris says:
Niiiice. OOB yet again going that extra mile for the oobers. :)
Backquak says:
awesome, wish I could do it, one of these days I'm gonna get there, go OOB!!
bkuehn1952 says:
The current entry fee is listed at $550 for 2011. Assuming the "owner" of the event plans to continue to operate and own the event, there is not a great deal of risk one will not get their money's worth. It would be even better if as part of the agreement, the event owner agreed to include in any sale of the event, the rights of the lifetime owners.

For many years I owned a lifetime ski pass for Killington (VT). The resort was sold and the new owners gave all us passholders the finger.
mustang6560 says:
@bkuehn1952- that's messed up! i doubt the owner would be inclined to do that. i bet it's just an assumed risk.
birdieXris says:
Personally i don't see how it WOULDN"T be around for a while. It seemed pretty darn strong last year. I couldn't imagine all those people not wanting to play all of the sudden.
ppinkert says:
I'd love it. My goal is to be really into playing tourneys starting next year. Since I've taken the game back up last June I just find myself wanting to be good enough to play in a tournament. It would be really sweet for sure.
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