Paula Posing on the Beach
By mustang6560 on 3/8/11
Paul Creamer just posted a sultry picture on her Twitter account. Could this be the makings of a Paula Creamer swimsuit calendar?

Over the years, Natalie Gulbis developed a reputation as the "sexiest" female golfer by posing in bikinis. But she's shied away from posing in recent times. It will be interesting to see if Paula is moving toward the "sexy" pictures in her career.

What do you think? Is posing in risqué pictures a good idea for female golfer's career?

Paula on Twitter

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birdieXris says:
OMG and it's not even friday. :) wooo Paula.
Kurt the Knife says:
Since I met my wife, these girls and their attempts at sexy just don't do anything for me anymore.
Not to say they're not pretty n stuff.
Just doesn't blow my skirt up no more.
srogers13 says:
How long until PabloRiv complains about this posting? Phsh, objectifying woman is encouraged here.:)
ppinkert says:
could be good for the LPGA bringing with it more lookers. For the ladies? I don't know i think it could make it game seem a bit more main stream if it needs that.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I'd rather see Paula than Phil's man-boobs any day.
mmontisano says:
if they want more men watching their broadcasts, yes, it's a good idea. but i don't think men are gonna start watching any time soon on a regular basis.

now don't get me wrong, i like a sexy girl as much as the next guy, but i really don't think it's in the best interest for the LPGA for their players to be doing this for all of the tween girls that look up to these women.

i mean, do you really want your daughter to be the next Natalie Gulbis?
Backquak says:
hmmm, Do I want my daughter to be a professional athlete that can be in the spotlight as a role model? yes if she wants that, do I want her to do it in the way Natalie has? I don't know,... I don't know if I think of Natalie in a negative way, what has she done that is so bad?
mmontisano says:
what has done? nothing. that's what has done. she is a person making more money off of her body than her performance. the biggest headlines she has created are from her calendars and dating Ben Roofie-burger a few years back.
Backquak says:
So she made money posing in calendars but not playing golf? sounds like she's pretty smart, she's using her better attributes to draw attention to herself, instead of depending on her abilities to play better than the rest of the field. She gets publicity, she gets sponsors, takes pressure off of her golfing talent, isn't that called Marketing. I'm sure things can be taken to the extreme but I haven't seen it, I say if she was a man the marketing would be less "sex appeal" and more "role model" type marketing, but if she's comfortable being a calendar girl, then go for it.
mmontisano says:
that's what i'm saying. she's selling a brand to make money. like these reality stars that are famous for no reason.

there was a comment by one of the champions tour players a while ago that said that they didn't understand what today's pros are trying to do. in their day, the only way they made money was when they won. so they focused on their game and let sticks do the talking for them.

win first. then the money will come.
JTW1 says:
Of course it is good for the LPGA tour. If that’s what it takes to get men interested, then more power to them. Now if we could just get all the hot ones to play in bikinis, I would damn sure be watching.
munk24 says:
Uhh, she did win the Evian Masters, placed in the top ten in four consecutive majors, and made two Sohlheim Cup teams maybe not the best player on the planet, but has done well for herself on and off the course.
Swingem says:
Paula posing on the beach is OK by me. In fact, let's go way out on a limb here and do a Paula-Natalie video on the seventh green at Pebble. Yeah baby!
wrhall02 says:
It is sexist but chicks sell tickets, or ads or whatever.
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