The Year of Golf in Georgia
By mustang6560 on 3/9/11
The Senate and House of Representatives from the state of Georgia declared 2011 the "Year of Golf".

At first glance, this seems ridiculous. At second glance, it still seems ridiculous, but at least their reasoning is solid.
The study reported that golf drives $2.4 billion into Georgia's direct economy. Golf brings visitors to the state, spurs new residential construction, generates retail sales, and creates demand for a myriad goods and services.

. . .

In 2011, two of the four major golf championships will be played in Georgia in the same year for only the seventh time in history. The Masters Tournament, the first major championship of the year, will be held Apr. 4 - 10 at Augusta National Golf Club. And The PGA Championship, the season's final major, will be held Aug. 8 - 14 marking its third visit to Atlanta Athletic Club.
Without turning this into a political discussion (because we know what happens when it does), I think it's funny when Congress - both state and federal - take it upon themselves to pass trivial "declarations" and "resolutions" that don't really mean anything (and I'm NOT talking about the Declaration of Independence).

Sure, I get why they did it. Golf is a big business in the state of Georgia and half of the major golf tournaments are there. But what does this really mean? Nothing. Just seems like a big waste of time and man power for the people of Georgia.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Amen, brother.
ppinkert says:
yeah sounds good if you say it fast.. That's about it...
TeT says:
I think that the declaration of independence should have mentioned golf....
GolferAnt says:
I think I might want to move to Alanta
Banker85 says:
its all marketing and PR , they can now sell and promote things in GA this year as the golfing capital or golf destination of the year. blah blah imo
Banker85 says:
second that Drknownothing.
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