Sir Nick Faldo on "Call-In" Rules Violations
By mustang6560 on 3/9/11
I think everyone has an opinion on "call-in" rules violations, especially Ian Pulter and Camilo Villegas.

In a video posted on, Sir Nick Faldo gives his opinion on this issue. He said the USGA and R&A are "looking into" ways to improve the rules of golf. What do they need to "look into"? It's simple. If a viewer calls in an infraction after a player has already signed his scorecard, he's assessed a two-stroke penalty BUT he's not DQ'ed. BOOM, done! What's next on the list...

I do understand how some people contend that if the players knew the rules better, we wouldn't be in this situation. This would help golfers avoid rules violations. However, it doesn't mean that a player will never make a mistake. That is why the rule needs to be changed. The way the rule is written, you're penalizing the golfer twice - stroke penalty AND then disqualification. It's not fair and needs to be changed.

Here's the video.


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bkuehn1952 says:
So who decided we must call Nick Faldo, "Sir"? Yes, I know the Queen knighted Nick and all but my impression of knighthood is that it is somewhat akin to receiving an honorary degree. We rarely refer to honorary degree recipients as "Doctor" (e.g. Dr. Bill Gates). I like Nick but it sounds a bit contrived when all his colleagues at CBS go out of their way to add the "Sir".
Banker85 says:
if i was knighted you are dam straight i would make sure everyone called me "Sir Banker" actually ya lets do that.
Matt F says:
bkuehn - it's a lot more than an honorary doctorate. The dude was made a knight of the realm by the Queen, not given a dodgy piece of paper from a university because he's a good of difference.

Matt F says:
@Banker - "if i was knighted you are dam straight i would make sure everyone called me "Sir Banker" actually ya lets do that." Not on your life son! :-)

Kickntrue says:
@bkuehn1952- I know someone with an honorary doctorate who changed all of his stationary and addressed material to "Dr." The sad part is he probably doesn't realize that every one of his friends is laughing behind his back at the ridiculousness.
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