Vibration Damper for Golf?
By mustang6560 on 3/10/11
We were just contacted by Shock Lock Sports and they are sending us one of their vibration damping devices designed for golf clubs. Here's what Shock Lock has to say about their products:
Shock Lock Sports develops innovative vibration damping systems for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Through rigorous R&D and user testing, we create cost-effective products that are easy to use and unobtrusive.

Our solutions seek to minimize discomfort without compromising essential sensory feedback, thus adding confidence to your game.
As a tennis player (I'm 1-0 in my tennis league, got another match tonight...w00t!), I know there is a difference between playing with a vibration dampener and not. It helps prevent getting "shocked" on miss hits. But for golf?

I could see the potential benefits, but at the same time in golf you hit a stationary object without moving. In tennis, you are hitting a moving ball with a variety of different spins on the run. Because of this, it's more difficult to hit the ball on the sweet spot versus a golf ball. But then again, many golfers complain about not making good contact and the Shock Lock may help reduce the "feel" of an off-center shot.

Despite our initial skeptical reaction, Shock Lock Sports is going to send us their Shock Lock to test. As always, we promised a thorough review. Who knows, we could be impressed...

Shock Lock Sports

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bkuehn1952 says:
If the device can be attached and removed one should be concerned about not comforming to USGA rules.
eventHorizon says:
There is a lot of vibration that comes through the shaft at impact. Dampeners aren't new to the game. Check out the Aldila SensiCore for example. However, the feel of vibration in the shaft gives you a lot of feedback into your swing, but on cold days you don't want to feel it!
mmontisano says:
on their site it says "Restoring a golfer's confidence on mis-hits from the club's toe or heel."

why would they try to sell that? i don't get any confidence gain from a mis-hit.
falcon50driver says:
It's not a dampener, It's a damper. Dampeners make things wet. Dampers attenuate oscillations.
JuKu says:
I came here for a relief from the news in Japan. I didn't really need this headline today. :-/
Kickntrue says:
@M3D- fixed. thanks as always for the life lessons.
falcon50driver says:
Some airplanes have Yaw Dampers. You only call it a Yaw Dampener once, before you get piled on.
eventHorizon says:
Doh. I should have noticed especially as I then used the word too. Not to mention, True Temper makes the SensiCore and not Aldila.
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