Ryo Ishikawa Finished First Round After Hearing About Earthquake
By mustang6560 on 3/11/11
Ryo Ishikawa woke up this morning to hear about the devastating news about the earthquake back home in Japan and then had to finish his first round of at Doral. Talk about nerves of steel!
"I was able to communicate with my family," Ishikawa said. "If not for that, it would have been extremely difficult."
What's the popular perception about golf? It's 90% mental, 10% luck?

I must commend Ryo and being able to focus on his golf game despite the news of the earthquake. When a natural disaster occurs, it serves as a remind that everything else doesn't matter quite as much as we like to think. And for Ryo to come out this morning and finish with a first round -7 in second place is very impressive.

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bducharm says:
May God comfort those that are affected by this tragedy.
mustang6560 says:
Now that Bubba is out, I'm rooting for Ryo this weekend.
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