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Watch Your Back on Ides of March
By mustang6560 on 3/15/11
Today is the Ides of March, so make sure you watch your back. We all know what happened to Julius Caesar on this unfortunate day several centuries ago...

In honor of today, I've compiled a list of golf-related topics to watch out for:
  1. Martin Kaymer's No. 1 ranking: No one's ranking is safe these days. With the Master's less than two months away, we could see a new No. 1 very soon. I just hope Kaymer holds onto the top spot longer than Lee Westwood did.

  2. Hank Haney on Twitter: If you don't know what a Twitter bomb is, start following Hank Haney. Hank tweets about 500 posts a day on his account so if you don't want your Twitter feed bombed, avoid following Mr. Haney.

  3. Suspicious co-workers: Office politics can be cruel. So if you find yourself exiting an elevator or headed to the break room at the same time as "that" co-worker today, show him/her some courtesy and let them go first.

  4. Tiger's Meltdown at the Tavistock Cup: The Tavistock Cup is the pinnacle of Tour competitions and we all know how well Tiger has handled the pressure lately.

  5. An LPGA winner we care about: Could this be the year of Natalie Gulbis, or Michelle Wie (fingers crossed)? I sure hope so...

If the Ides of March causes you angst, take comfort in yesterday (NSFW-ish).

What are you watching out for today?

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Kickntrue says:
Well done Nathan. You may have a bit of funny in you after all. ZING!
Banker85 says:
ya NSFW-ish... i had web block reason: pornography. i will submit for my unemployment benefits to oob.
Kickntrue says:
@banker85- there is nothing actually pornographic on the page. tell your admins to loosen up! haha.
birdieXris says:
TW is going to be on Morning Drive thursday, playing a hole with the guys on TW12
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