Tiger Gearing Up for TW12 Release
By mustang6560 on 3/15/11
Tiger Woods PGA 12: The Masters comes out in three weeks and the pre-release party is underway. Tiger announced yesterday on his Twitter that he'll be answering fan questions about the game.
@TigerWoods: Fun rd at isleworth. I'll be answering your TW12 questions this Wednesday, just use the tag @EASPORTS_Tiger and I'll answer as many as I can
Also, Tiger will be on "Morning Drive" Thursday, The Golf Channel's morning talk show, competing against host Gary Williams in TW12.
Tiger Woods will hook up with “Morning Drive” host Gary Williams this Thursday, March 17, for a two-hole showdown in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Williams and Woods will square off on holes 12 and 13 at Augusta National, better known as “Amen Corner,” thanks to the wonders of online play (Woods will be in New York during the interview).
Admittedly, I'm not a gamer. But the fact that this year's Tiger Woods will include Augusta National makes me consider purchasing a PS3 so I can play the game. But, an even better idea is to convince Andrew to purchase the game and then invite me over. Andrew, if you're reading this, you buy the game, I'll buy the beer and we can review the game for oobgolf.

Side note, I've heard Tiger Woods makes an excellent drinking game - not that I have first hand knowledge. Depending on how you play, you could do a match play or stroke play version. If your do match play, whoever loses the hole has to drink 10 seconds - halved holes carry the 10 seconds. With stroke play, every stroke counts for seven seconds. If you shoot par and your opponent shoots a double bogey, then he drinks 14 seconds.

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Kurt the Knife says:
does it include "choke" play mode?
Junior8516 says:
sounds like a dish tiger orders at denny's...
mankowa says:
If you buy TW 08 for your PC you could have been playing Augusta since then by downloading it from coursedownload.com. It is awesome, the courses are so detailed it is like being there(I went in 2009).
carv712 says:
@Kurt the Knife TW doesn't have a "Choke" mode; however, during normal game play you can unlock Phil Mickelson if you lose the US Open enough times.
lazorbeam says:
Is there any type of penalty in this one if hit a duck hook 122 yards?
Duke of Hazards says:
LOL. Only if your ball doesn't make it past the ladies' tees.
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