Tiger Making the Rounds on TV
By mustang6560 on 3/17/11
Tiger Woods has been making the rounds on TV as of late. He was featured in an interview on ESPN with Tom Rinaldi where he said he's the best golfer "when I get my swing dialed in". He was also on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night promoting TW12: The Masters and it was the closest thing to a roast we'll see with Tiger in the room. Tiger was a good sport.

And he's in an awesome farting video. While Graeme McDowell was hitting his tee shot last weekend, someone in the gallery farted and Tiger had to hold in the laughter while Graeme was teeing off.

Because we love oob, we've embedded all the videos here for you to enjoy.

Tiger Interview on ESPN

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Part 1

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Part 2

And for fun, the farting video.

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Scott Shields says:
<3 Tiger
bducharm says:
Tiger took it very nicely from Fallon - he was a good sport about that! The "fart" video was hilarious!!!
mustang6560 says:
And Tiger was on Good Morning America: abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/tiger-woods-season-

He's an animal!
ppinkert says:
Tiger "fart" man that's funny. You go Man.
legitimatebeef says:
Well what kind of mustang6560 post would this be without me butting in with a correction? This time, I must point out that the name of the TV show is "Late Night w Jimmy Fallon". I believe "Last Call" is the show that follows "Late Night". Maybe you should e-mail me these posts and I can look them over before they get published on the site.
homermania says:
I like beef.
mustang6560 says:
@legit- lol! i will get this right sooner or later ;)
wrhall02 says:
I think it is good for Tiger to get away from golf only interviews and expose himself a bit more to the mainstream media. The golf press corps are completely slanted (either pro or con) and it must get very stale to answer the same golf questions from the same golf reporters, over and over.
Banker85 says:
this is great. tiger is great. golf is great. oobgolf is great. work is not.
Trip says:
let the marketing machine reboot and begin the cycle again...
legitimatebeef says:
@trip- true that. I had that sort of thought as I was watching the Jimmy Fallon clip. Tiger, finally able to relax and joke around on TV about the scandal, as well as about 'playin' bad golf'. And Jimmy handled it with tact, he is a good host. So it shows I think, that we can put this all behind us now. Seems that Tiger has also accepted his situation, knows he is paying some kind of karmic penance and now ready to press on. The time for sucking has passed I think.
mmontisano says:
Fallon 1. Tiger 0.

from what i understand, it was Darren Clarke that let her rip.
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