New Tiger Woods iPhone App
By mustang6560 on 3/23/11
Shotzoom officially released the "Tiger Woods: My Swing" app today so I had to buy it. I'm not one to buy a ton of pointless apps for my iPhone 4. But, this one I had to try.

With the My Swing app, you can record your swing from the side or from the front, and then compare it against Tiger's. I was interested in this app beyond comparing my swing to Tiger's. I am an "improving" golfer and being able to record my swing without a bulky video recorder is nice.

Apparently, Tiger is the brains behind this app.
“Tiger had been using his iPhone to be able to capture swing analysis and get instant feedback while on the course,” Prichard said, “but he didn’t have an easy way to do the line drawings that he liked to do at home with his built-in system.”

. . .

“If there was an easy way to catalog those swings, he could compare them over time,” Prichard added. “So he went to Apple with the idea that, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be great for me to have this technology, but also be able to share this technology with other golfers and get it out there?’ Apple thought it was a great idea, and they suggested us as the ideal partner to work with him on the app.”
If you're willing to spend $120 on a pitching wedge, then you should have no problem paying $10 for this app. I'm not trying to give this a free endorsement on oob. But, I think it's easily worth the price.

After you record your swing, you can add lines to see if you're in the correct position during your swing. You can also draw "Tiger Lines" to see how your positions during your swing match up to Tiger's. Next, you can compare how you swing each club with Tiger. The app features Tiger swinging every club with both front and side views so you'll be able to match up every club.

And in today's world, what would this app be if your couldn't share it with the world! My Swing syncs with and you can share your best "me vs. Tiger" swing on Facebook and Twitter. It's technology great?

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Jattruia says:
Have you tried iSwing? It's very similar, but without comparing it to Tiger's. You can do the lines, speed it up, slow it down, etc, and compare it to other swings you've recorded. I've been using it for a while and love it.
tcjonny says:
quite frankly, not sure i'd want to be swinging like tiger currently, I've done a ton of work on my swing recently myself, and i've used other free iphone apps that let me draw and create skidoodles on my own swing and slow it down and, blah blah, for some time. Its great. Not sure I'd spend $10 for a 'Tiger App'. I would if it let me download the 1996 version of Tiger's swing. I would probably pay $100 for a handful of decent DTLs of Tigers swing circa '96.
homermania says:
Tiger's favorite app is the Waffle House locator.
mjaber says:
Is there an Android version?
Trav says:
Not to mention, judging from the picture, you get to practice using ball lies that are just like his.
mmontisano says:
i don't think Tiger's new swing is bad, but he just doesn't own it it yet. so i don't want to learn a swing he's just learning himself.

and if it's anything like his instructional book, it's more of him patting himself on the back than it is instruction.

lastly, $10 is way too much when you can get iSwing that does almost the same thing for $2.99. iSwing allows you to comprare to Adam Scott's swing, which is closer to Tiger's Butch Harmon swing than his current one.
Dazinkster says:
I use "swing reader" on my iPhone to analyse my swing. It works great for me and think it only costs £1-2
preny says:
parking lot?
falcon50driver says:
Waffle House....good one homer
Matt F says:
@mjaber - he said in twitter that there will be versions released for android and ipad.

aaronm04 says:
I'm curious if this is Tiger's 2011 Sean Foley swing or his 2000 Butch Harmon swing. Or if you can switch. I'm not sure if I'm $10 curious though.

I use Swing Reader for recording my golf swing on my iPhone. Only $0.99 and, unlike iSwing, you can pick multiple swings out of a single recorded video. It has a palette for markups, side-by-side swings, swing overlaying, and tempo reading. My biggest complaint is that it compresses the video too much and you lose some frames but the latest release is supposed to improve that. I've got that but just haven't tried it.
legitimatebeef says:
I don't get the Wafflehouse joke. I thought Mickelson was the one associated with that place.
mmontisano says:
he is. Tiger likes Perkins....
homermania says:
Anywhere with loose waitresses. I think badcaddy is right about Perkins, I just thought Waffle House sounded funnier.
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