Ping Says No to Marijuana
By mustang6560 on 3/23/11
When I first read this story, I couldn't help but think there is a joke in here somewhere. Maybe not?
Golf-equipment manufacturer Ping is threatening to leave its north Phoenix home of 45 years if the neighborhood continues to decline, its attorney says.

Phoenix will do all it can to prevent that from happening, according to a top city official.

The dispute between Ping and its neighbors came to light last week at the first use-permit hearings for medical-marijuana locations citywide.
I understand Ping's concerns as a company. It's the biggest company in the area and the company brings in people from around the world including golfers, executives, etc. to it's headquarters and naturally, it wants to put on a good face when these top people stop by.

But, I don't think preventing a medical marijuana center from moving in is going to save the neighborhood. Ping's neighborhood is already struggling. Plus, you have to have a prescription for the pot. The companies should be more focused on changing the zoning to get rid of its current neighbors including a "striptease club, Centerfolds Cabaret; a lingerie store, Fascinations".

I'm sure the striptease club gets a lot of business from Ping's visitors...

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birdieXris says:
i need to visit Ping more often....
homermania says:
So, my Karsten Anser bong is probably not a licensed Ping product...?
GolferAnt says:
I'll never buy anything from Ping!!
Kurt the Knife says:
Not if you get 'em from China, like me.

grr . dang cheap knockoffs
askarzy says:
Hmm sounds like a nice neighbourhood to me. Golf Clubs, strippers, and weed.
svj says:
right when i was all up on ping on keeping their headquarters in american, they do this... come on ping, dont take up this fight...
nickp says:
Yes, because Phoenix is doing so well everywhere else that the medical marijuana dispensary is going to really take the neighborhood with it. Really, Ping? Have you checked the foreclosures in your neighborhood?
Bryan K says:
I thought all of the strip clubs in Phoenix were on Bourbon Street?

Actually, the one thing that surprised me on my trip to Phoenix about ten years ago was how many strip clubs there were. And, of course, the one we chose happened to be a Latino joint where the one Mexican in our group said he felt uncomfortable and that we should leave.

But, yeah....anyone else think it is ridiculous that marijuana is illegal? I mean, the DEA just recently outlawed synthetic pot without a vote. How democratic is that?
KVSmith59 says:
totally agree Bryan
legitimatebeef says:
I can understand the opposition to a marijuana dispensary but to indict a hemp products store tells me that some people are overreacting. Hemp is a highly useful and sustainable crop. It's useful for making textiles and for food and even fuel. It does not get you high. I use a ping putter, but in light of this, as well as the whole square-grooves-grandfather clause flap, it does not sound this company and I can hang.
DCB63 says:
as if anyone is surprised. Ping consistently makes the ugliest sticks on the market, yes they hit alright but Ping gives a new meaning to ugly stick. So why is anyone surprised they aren't contemporary on nationwide trends.
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