Tom Brady Mows Down Tiger
By Kickntrue on 3/24/11
A widely-used economics textbook used in many college classrooms will replace an example and picture of Tiger Woods with Tom Brady.
According to the Harvard Crimson, previous editions of the textbook used an example entitled, "Should Tiger Woods Mow His Own Lawn?" The sixth edition of the book replaced the previous example with one featuring quarterback Brady.

"From my perspective, this was a relatively small change," ABC News quoted the book's author, Harvard economist Greg Mankiw as explaining the decision.

"Why did I make it? I wanted students to focus on the economics of comparative advantage-the main point of this section of the book.
Anyone who has been to college and played the whole textbook game knows this is really just an economic principle called, "Buy the most recent edition for $200 or else." That's the only reason a book like this has six editions.

For those dying to know the answer to the question- it is "no" (/I have no clue what the book actually says). Tiger, Tom and Jerry make way too much money for it to make sense to mow their own lawns. Even if there time wouldn't be used for money making ventures- they're free time is worth more per hour than any lawn service, especially Tiger, who no has acres to mow and keep in perfect golf shape.

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bducharm says:
I read a an article a bit back that if Bill Gates dropped money, how much would the bill have to be worth before it was worth his time to stop and pick it up based on how much he made per second. It was $500. He was making $500 per second (still working for Microsoft). I was hoping to follow Bill around and pick up his dropped $20's and $100's...
dartboss04 says:
tiger mowed at least 15 other lawns...what's one more?...
Kickntrue says:
@dartboss04- +1
TeT says:
on tiger and his acres... The crew that cares for his lawn would probably be welcomed at any of the munis that I play regularly, if they could afford them...
legitimatebeef says:
This website is really hung up on Tiger.
birdieXris says:
@legitimatebeef - there's a joke using "tiger" and "hung" in there somewhere. but i'll let it go.

@dartboss04- another +1
dartboss04 says:
+1? that a good thing?...
legitimatebeef says:
@birdiexris: no there isn't
bhartman15 says:
I agree, There is way too much emphisis on tiger. He is no longer no.1 Lets focus on all the other good and great players.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@bducharm: Fascinating thing you've noted, as is this post from @kickntrue.

@dartboss04: Not sure, but I think the +01 might have something to do with one of those yacking-head shows on ESPN where when someone says something agreeable, they get a "ding" sound. I don't watch ESPN; not enough golf and virtually no hockey. It's almost become a caricature of itself.
Trav says:
If Forrest Gump would, why not Tom/Tiger?
mmontisano says:
+1 if a basketball reference.

if you make a basket and get fouled in the process, you get a +1. +1 = free throw.
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