Golf Course Adds Disc Golf Course
By mustang6560 on 3/24/11
Rock Springs Ridge Golf Club in Apopka, Florida is adding two new courses to their facilities. Both new courses share similarities to their established courses, 18-holes, beautiful elevation changes and guests can either walk or ride. The difference is the new courses are for disc golf.
This April, Rock Springs Ridge Golf Club will be home to 36 holes of chain-clanking fun when two new 18-hole disc golf courses will open just in time for the spring season.

Located in Apopka, Fla., Rock Springs Ridge Golf Club is home to 18 holes of magnificent golf known for its extreme changes in topography, oak lined fairways, strategic bunkering and enormous greens that challenge golfers of all abilities. Beginning in April, Rock Springs Ridge will also be home to not one but two 18-hole disc golf courses as well.
I've never heard of golf-disc golf hybrid facility before. Maybe this is the beginning of a new trend. As a sport, disc golf is growing as more and more people are starting to play.

I spent a summer living in Vermont and was introduced to frolf. Not gonna lie, it's a really fun sport. And unlike golf, disc golf is relatively inexpensive (you have some startup costs, i.e. discs, bag) and it doesn't take 4-5 hours to play a full round. You can easily get in a 18-holes in under two hours. I think adding disc golf courses is a smart move because it would help attract new business. The courses I've played are usually packed on the weekends and there was usually good business during the week in the spring and summer. If you charged $5-$10 per round you could easily make money while keeping the sport cheap.

This makes me want to dust off the old discs and head out to Pelahatchie Park and throw a few discs this weekend.

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birdieXris says:
I'm thinking about doing a little more frolf myself this year. I have the bag in the closet, but there's rarely anyone to go with around here. It's nice by yourself but it's more fun of course, if someone else is there to see the great shots and of course, attest a basket-in-one.
homermania says:
My favorite thing about disc golf is being able to bring the dog.
mustang6560 says:
i have one career ace on number 9 at pelahatchie park.
bducharm says:
Sorry - disc and golf should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Here in Austin, the guys carry their discs and weed in the same bag!!!
legitimatebeef says:
@bducharm: Well I carry my clubs and weed in the same bag. OOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT.
billbadaz says:
where else would you carry your weed? Your pocket. Tee's and ball markers are in my pocket. the most interesting things happen sometimes when you get paired up with a random golfer on a course. Example, a 44 year old retired italian guy, a 1/2 o of strawberry cough, and a bubbler. I can't remember what I shot that day, but I think that guy is in witness protection
rmumph1 says:
I could never get my stoner friends to play real golf with me but ask to play disc golf and they're all over it. You can smoke and walk pretty easy in disc golf
OffCoursegolfer says:
Wow, can we play this course as a crossgolf course as well. I can hit an almostGolf ball about 70 yards with an 8 iron. Worth a try.
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