Alternative Golf Association Challenge
By mustang6560 on 3/24/11
The Alternative Golf Association is what its name implies, an alternative to the traditional USGA and R&A. The AGA has the same goal in mind as the two biggest golf ruling bodies - to grow the game of golf - but they are taking a different approach.

In short, they are designing equipment and developing games that do not necessarily conform to the rules set forth by the USGA and R&A. But, they're hoping their equipment and games help the average golfer have more fun on the course.

The AGA's latest project is the $10,000 Longest Golf Ball Challenge.
The Alternative Golf Association today launched the $10,000 Longest Golf Ball Challenge to inspire inventors and engineers to add fun for players of its new game, testing under the name Project Flogton ("not golf," backward).

AGA founder Bob Zider, himself an inventor of Flexon eyeglass frames and golf clubs, conceptualized and funded the challenge to unleash equipment developers from the USGA's conformance constraints. The prize-winning ball will be used for long shots only, and it does not have to have dimples or otherwise look like a traditional golf ball. It must, however, test out for 25 percent more distance for players of swing speeds of 80 to 100 mph than current USGA-approved golf balls do, and meet the criteria listed in the Official Rules.
I've hit non-conforming golf balls before and was not impressed. The slightest off center shot resulted in a errant flight, which actually caused the ball to fly shorter. Even though I'm skeptical, I am interested to see if someone can develop something that truly adds distance.

As for the concept of the AGA, I'm all for it. Golf will always have its core base, but any and all ideas to help generate new interest in the game is a good thing. They have listed four games to play that make it easier on the golfer, which hopefully will mean the golfer will have more fun, etc, etc.

Anyone tried these games?

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Backquak says:
looking at the rules for the games, I think my buddies already play that way. Except for the lube but I have been wanting to try that one for some time and just haven't yet. I feel like playing by the "real" rules but it would be fun if everyone played by the same flogton rules on occasion. the one mully per hole could help me alot.
dottomm says:
What's up with applying lubricants to your driver?

Does that really help? And I guess it's illegal per USGA?

Could my golf buddies be able to detect this?
Neo says:
I think it's great if they can grow the game. Golf will always have purists, like me, but a way to get new equipment and players sounds great.

Personally, I would love to see where driver technology could go without USGA restrictions.
Backquak says:
I had a buddy tell me he was playing with a guy that did it, and to hide it he would smear the vasoline on the bumper of his cart and then rub some on his driver when he teed off. It worked until a little kid saw him and asked everyone in the group why he was doing it. they kicked him out of the group and apparently it worked cause they were mad about all the money they had lost to the guy, but I have not tried it.
legitimatebeef says:
Stang, I know by now I am little more to you than a thorn in your side, but I have to weigh in. Any and all ideas are a good thing? Not so fast. You don't want to cheapen the game to attract more people. It's not right. It's called dumbing down and who wants that. If you find golf too hard or not fun, fine! Don't play. The fundamental rules as we know them are sacred. It's what unites golfers from recreational players to Tiger, Hogan, Bobby Jones and all the way back to Old Tom Morris. Flogton? That's not a new thing, it's called "cheating", in this case to make things easier for yourself. I've said it before, say it again--pussification of america.
legitimatebeef says:
It reduces the sidespin so it don't slice.
Werepuppie says:
I totally agree.The rules of golf are sacred if the game is to have any meaning.
preny says:
I think the name Flogton itself is an extremely clear statement that they aren't trying to change golf, they are trying to get more people to play a game where you hit a ball a long way toward a hole.
sigmapete1 says:
Great, all we need is more 25 handicappers waiting for the green to clear on a 325 yard par 4 with their superball and KY covered driver.

Just another example of a sad trend in society where we encourage people to change the rules to fit your skill rather than work to increase your skill within the rules as they exist.

Same mindset that makes parents blame teachers for their kid failing. How about telling little Johnny to stick his nose in a book once in a while?
homermania says:
I think I agree with a few here about "flogton". Personally, when I want to play "not golf" I go mini-putting or play disc golf. You can have fun while not bastardizing real golf.
birdieXris says:
@sigmapete - you know, very valid points all around. I thought this would be kinda cool, but when you put it that way, yea it seems weird. I thought it would just be cool to have like a rules change or something for the AGA. Play OB like a hazard, etc etc. just less strict rules to have fun. I never thought about the equipment actually being a problem, though. Interesting.
mustang6560 says:
@legitimatebeef- No need to preface your comment. Most golfers cheapen the game every time they play - improving lies, not taking stroke AND distance. But, why do they do this? To get more enjoyment out of their round. The stat is something like 80% of golfers will never break 90, so why not try to increase their level of enjoyment on the course. As long as pace of play isn't negatively impacted, I'm OK with new ideas.
mjaber says:
Maybe the courses need to get involved. I don't see an issue with different rules, or "house rules", for a game. We do it in monopoly, and other things we do for fun.

In order to make sure it's consistent, though, everyone needs to be aware of what is going on. Why not have the courses designate "Flogton" days on the course, so that those that want to play by the USGA rules know to either avoid that course that day, or be prepared for some wackiness going on.

I see Flogton as just a variation, like best ball, or match play. As long as everyone knows the rules... play on.
wrhall02 says:
It's not golf, period.
SD Charlie says:
I'm all for innovation, and spurring development, but the trouble really lies in having to use the same playing field, i.e. whatever courses are around. I agree with sigmapete in that I think there would be a lot of disruption to a round of golf as we know it, if we have folks waiting (even longer) because they can hit it 300+ yards. I know I'm a 22 handicap (thanks to OOBGolf) but I enjoy the challenge of the game, and seeing improvement. I can't hit it 300 yard, but I don't mind. I love cutting up a course, and there's no feeling like sticking a 4-iron from 185 yards. If only I could stick wedges from 100! D'oh!
Speedly says:
I can see where some dissenters are coming from, what with the rules being sacred and all. But I really don't see a problem with it - so long as any modified sets of rules and equipment don't unduly slow play (more people on the course notwithstanding) or cause damage to the course, I'm all for this. To me, different equipment and rules don't sully the game we're playing, because I liken it to playing HORSE instead of a full-court basketball game... just because some other people are playing it on the court doesn't mean I can't play a pickup game with my friends on the court right next to it.
GreggScott says:
I personally don't care if other golfers keep score or not, provided they play on time. I don't care if they take mulligans, I even prefer it if it helps them play on time. And, if they card 4's when they took 8's, that's fine with me, provided THEY PLAY ON TIME! Sorry, but I live in a crowded corner of the world and slow poke golfers make me a bit crazy! Enjoy the Game any way you want! But...oh i think you get my drift by now. PLAY ON TIME! 3/27/11
konaexpress says:
If I want to play alternative golf, I play off-course golf. look at or go to it's allot of fun. I am talking our local city and parks into letting us play in the city parks.

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