Rather Play Unconnected?
By Kickntrue on 3/8/07
Chris Rodell wrote an interesting peice yesterday on his distain for GPS systems being used on golf courses. While the article is mostly bashing the constant bombardment of ads, he does bring up an interesting point. Most recreational golfers don't need to know the difference between 202 yards out and 207. I think the GPS's can be fun, but I certainly don't use them everyday. What do you guys think? (UnconnectGolf)

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golfgirl says:
Agreed. I love GPS's...and it's sure as hell not going to help me to know the dif btw 202 and 207 yds.
DeepRough says:
The silly thing about the cart mounted ones is, you need to drive right up next to your ball to get the right yardage. What happens when it's wet and cart path only? ;)

I can sort of buy into the 'marketing' of the portable ones where they say that it could speed up play. Though I don't know. I glance around for the nearest major marker, and take a guess at how far I am from it...then hit.
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