The Masters: No Twitter Please
By mustang6560 on 3/30/11
I know we keep talking about The Masters. But, what other tournament is there to cover? The Shell Houston Open? The Kraft Nabisco Championship? The Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic? Exactly my point.

In the run up to The Masters, I'll do my best to cover non-Augusta National golf news. Just don't be surprised if you see multiple stories about topics relating to The Masters.

Even though The Masters is still one week away, Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell, two of Twitter's great sons, got into a little trouble by posting videos from the grounds of Augusta National. Steve Ethun, spokesperson for The Masters, issued this warning about cell phone usage:
Players are asked to not use their cellphones [anywhere] on the property.
Apparently, yfrog and twitvid won't let me embed videos, so I am forced to link you to the videos instead of embedding them right here.
Graeme McDowell driving down Magnolia Lane

Graeme McDowell over looking Augusta National

Ian Poulter walking through club house
This raises an interesting issue. Should the players be able to share behind the scenes pictures and videos from Augusta National? The Masters has built its reputation on prestige and exclusivity and Twitter threatens the brand image they've worked so hard to build. If everyone gets to see behind the curtain, then the allure and mystery of the place is ruined, right?

Some may make that argument, but I am of a different opinion. Watching Graeme McDowell and Ian Poulter walking around the grounds only makes me more curious. The videos they are posting don't substitute for a personal experience. I still long for the day I get to experience Augusta National for myself.

I understand The Masters has to manage its brand. But, I hope they allow the players to post some videos and pictures from their personal experience.

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Kurt the Knife says:
Whats with these snob-ass clubs trying to control everything?
Wouldn't it be great for your local private to get some exposure considering the economic climate? One club near us has members paying them cash to get out of their memberships.
ooo... I forgot Augusta needs not the plebian member (familiar with their fees r u?, pretty astonishing) only snob-asses need apply.
Let the cats chronicle their trip.
Kurt the Knife says:
sry, i was mislead to believe that Augusta membership was in excess of 75k/yr.
some simple research reveals i was misinformed. Apparently 10k/ yr but by invite only.
mustang6560 says:
Well there goes your invite KtK ;)
mjaber says:
I wonder what would happen if Poulter decided not to abide by the request, tweeted every shot of every practice round he plays, every meal he eats in the clubhouse and then won the tournament. What would they do? Give him a different color green jacket (Android green, maybe)?
TeT says:
Hey give the Shell Houston some love...

On Grahams drive in; was that a port o' potty or a guard shack... The color was right...
bducharm says:
While I certainly appreciate the behind the scenes pics and videos, the Masters controls their product. I follow Poulter on Twitter and saw his video. They have opened up a bit, but not so much that it dilutes the product. I guess that's what keeps us wanting more!!!
Banker85 says:
Ya i can see both sides of this but i think it would be better for the GAME overall if they did let the players like Cink, Poulter, and the Fowlers Tweet during masters week, or before... Seems like Augusta is looking out for #1, snobasses. I would still want to play Augusta and walk the grounds as much as ever if not more after seeing some inside tweets. And tweeting is not really about the venue but more of the players and their experiences at the Masters.
askarzy says:
Augusta is an outdated, elitist snob country club. Not surprised.
dpoimboeuf says:
Suggest all of you read the book "The making of the Masters". See how and why that club was founded. Learn what they went through in the Great Depression and how only through perseverance and absolute commitment to excellence, tradition, modesty, etc... have they become the institution that they are. You can knock em and call em snobs all you want, but I personally respect a place that values discretion, and manners. Running around a place with your camera phone so you can brag to all of your "followers" about how awesome you are is the antithesis of what Augusta is about. If they don't like it, I'm sure Augusta would be happy to accept their regrets and give their invitations to golfers with a little class who can act like they've been there before.
mankowa says:
It is Augusta, they are going to do what they want. I just hope they don't try to tell the players to not make comments on Twitter during the tournament that would really be a problem. Sure it is outdated, sure it is a bunch of snobs, but I would bet that every one of you would do just about anything to be a member, or for that matter just play 1 round. It's the same reason they only show a 3 or 4 hour window of coverage on Thursday and Friday, they want to keep the mistique of the place intact.
falcon50driver says:
I'd never gone to twitter before. I watched the two clips here, to see what all the fuss is about. I gotta say, It was absolutely thrilling. My life is now complete.
Birdwell49 says:
dp I agree... call 'em what you want, but it's their club and they can do as they see fit. just because someone is a member at a private club they are not "snob-asses".
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