Sporting Index's April Fool's Punk
Happy April Fool's Day
By mustang6560 on 4/1/11
I thought long and hard about writing an April Fool's Day post but none of my ideas were accepted by senior management (a.k.a Kickntrue).

Andrew hates April Fool's Day because it's the one day where you can't believe anything you read on the Internet.

At first, I was disappointed because I really wanted to try and punk all of you oobers. But, the more I thought about it and listened to Andrew explain his disdain for the first day of April, I decided against posting a joke. Heck, if you really need to read an April Fool's post on oob, just read The Wedge Guy today.

I had a few ideas for potential punks. My first idea was to post a story about oobgolf calling it quits. Another idea I had was a story about how Tiger Woods was banned at Augusta because one of his mistresses was the wife of the president of The Masters (that would have been a good one!). Geoff Shackelford attempted something similar on his website.

The problem with April Fool's pranks on the Internet is most of them are cheap, unoriginal and potentially dangerous. For the users who only come to oob once in awhile, if I had posted a story about how we're calling it quits, they may have read it and really thought we were done and decided to stop coming back. If I had posted the scandal story about Tiger Woods, it may have pissed off some readers who said I took too much liberty - even for April Fool's.

As much as I wanted to pull a fast one on y'all today, I am going to save my ideas for sometime in the future. In reality, oobers are intelligent people. Would you have been fooled anyway? Maybe I'll make June 12th or September 18th to post one of my brilliant ideas.

For now, I want to hear some of y'alls ideas of how to punk my girlfriend without getting into too much trouble. Any thoughts?

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Kickntrue says:
hack into her email account and send her boss a resignation letter on her behalf.
bkuehn1952 says:
My wife periodically gets me by calling and telling me her car stopped in the middle of the intersection (or she had a fender bender, etc...). She then asks me to come get her. Of course I start in telling her she should have called a tow truck, not me, when it dawns on me what day it is.
SD Charlie says:
Google always has some really clever April Fools jokes. This year is no exception. The videos are hilarious.
Banker85 says:
Tell her that you and Andrew got in a fist fight and you accidently killed him with a 5 iron.... casue he is an april fool's snob ass!

bducharm says:
Plastic wrap over the kitchen GREAT!!!
legitimatebeef says:
Whew, you really had me going with that one about lobster-shell golf balls!
falcon50driver says:
Banker, I really enjoy your clever comments.
DCB63 says:
the best one I saw was googles new motion program for email that uses your webcam to translate arm movements instead of clicking...
cjgiant says:
"In reality, oobers are intelligent people"

They're your April Fools
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