I Will Attempt To Be the Best!
By Kickntrue on 3/8/07
I'm going to need some help from our faithful visitors next week. I will be competing against other golf bloggers in WorldGolf.com's Golf Blogger Survivor II. I will be given a secret word each week- that I have to weave in and out of my posts. I need you guys to vote for me so I don't get booted! More details to come. (Rules)

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golfgirl says:
No way Andrew...I'm totally voting for me...or hey...how bout an alliance sweetheart?
Kickntrue says:
Hmmm.. in true Survivor spirit- I think that would be a good idea.
DeepRough says:
not fair! ;)
Kickntrue says:
You can be in too DR. We ride each others coattails to the finals.. then declare war!
DeepRough says:
ahh, the sweet smell of collusion ;)
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