Anna Rawson Loses Final
By mustang6560 on 4/5/11
Anyone catch the March Madness finals last night between UConn and Butler? What a bore!

I mean, for the majority of the game, it felt like I was watching a high school basketball game. I wasn't at a bar with friends, I probably would have fallen asleep. Could be the worst finals I've ever seen.

In keeping with the March Madness theme we got going here and since we posted at the start of March Madness about the Men's Health Babe Bracket, I felt obligated to at least make sure you know who won. In an epic final between Julia Mancuso and Anna Rawson, the sexy skier proved too much for the gorgeous golfer. My vote was for Beatriz Recari so I cannot help but be disappointed she lost.

Congratulation to Anna for making it to the finals. Maybe we'll hit her up for an interview about her "heartbreaking loss." We're about due to talk to her again.

2011 Babe Bracket

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birdieXris says:
Backquak says:
Anna had my vote, I don't know how the other girl won, Julia must have a hacker buddy that cheated for her
mustang6560 says:
Banker85 says:
Anna looks like Charlize Theron...
Kickntrue says:
@banker85- very astute observation. i was wondering who she reminded me of- and you're dead on- especially in this pic.
Kurt the Knife says:
Kinda Kathryn Heigl-ish
Banker85 says:
YA THANK MY WIFE FOR THAT. she is always comparing people "oh she looks like oh he looks like blah blah!" Banker "oh ya they could be twins!" in a patronizing tone...
legitimatebeef says:
Her knees are way too pointy.
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