Golf Best Sport to Watch in 3D
By mustang6560 on 4/8/11
If you watch a lot of golf on TV, consider this before you purchase your next TV. Watching golf in 3D may improve viewing experience more than any other sport.
First: the terrain. Geography, elevation, flora—none play so significant a role in any other sport, and to see them rendered with depth is just plain visually gratifying (especially in beautiful Augusta!).

Depth also kind of rules the game of golf. It's about distance. How far can you drive the ball? How closely can you putt? An augmented sense of depth and perspective in your display immerses you in the very challenge that underpins the game itself—it's hard to say the same thing about soccer, or football.
I've never even thought about this before but it makes complete sense. Elevation changes, which are natural design features that increase the difficulty of a course, do not translate well on the tube. Watching a golf tournament, say like The Masters, in 3D would allow you to fully appreciate how the elevation changes affect each and every golf shot. Football, basketball, soccer. Yea, it would be pretty cool to see those sports in 3D. But, the terrain doesn't affect the action nearly like golf- 150 yards uphill plays like 165 and downhill like 135, which affects the club selection for a golfer.

The other reason I agree watching golf in 3D makes sense is because unlike the NFL, NBA, etc, people are less likely to watch a tournament in a group. Not only do you need a pair of 3D glasses, from what I hear, where you sit in relation to the TV affects how you see the 3D. In my opinion, you'd be more likely to watch your favorite football team with a group of people than the Bob Hope Classic.

I'm not going to invest in a 3D TV anytime soon, but I am going to try and convince one of my friends to get one. Hey, Kickntrue, you looking at buying a new TV?

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birdieXris says:
That's definitely on my wishlist. I think i'm going to wait until next year though earliest to let them work the bugs out of things.
mattshaver says:
im going to wait until they can do 3d without glasses. but i agree, watching golf in 3d seems like a much better idea than any of the other sports. i was in the sony store next to my work the other day watching a soccer game in 3d and i was really, really impressed.
Kickntrue says:
@mattshaver- good luck waiting for 3d with no glasses. i mean, technically it looks like people think it can be done, but I think you're going to be waiting a good while for mass availability with any sort of reasonable pricing.

Plus- the idea of having a camera on my tv that tracks my eyes is kind of creepy.
Joness says:
Watched it in 3D and it was fantastic. you get a real feel for the undulations and slopes on the fairways and greens. It does enhance golf more than any other sport. Also, I enjoyed 3 aussies in the top 6 - but still no green jacket. I thought Jason Day showed great nerve for a young player and looks t have a real future. It want he most enthralling finish to a tournament that I have watched.

Stephen J (Melbourne Australia).

PS I have just booked my tickets for the presidents cup in Melb this year. It is not often we have the chance to see the top players in the world down under.

Live is still better than 3D
mattshaver says:
i know i'm in for a wait, but i'm also not completely sold on the idea of 3d tv, so i figure by the time they figure out how to make 3d without silly cumbersome glasses, i will have warmed up to the idea.
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